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How to sign up in Hopi without phone number

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Hopi is the mobile shopping platform of Turkey launched in April 2015 with 75 member merchants and over 4 million users as of November 2016. Hopi introduced a new mega rewards system called ‘Paracik'(coins); through which Hopi customers earn Paracik (coins) for all purchases at any merchant with targeted campaigns. 1 Paracik equals to TRY 1. Merchants also make offers to boost customers Paracik (coins) to encourage them to redeem at their stores. Paracik earned at a specific member merchant can be spent at any other merchant and may be worth double, triple, x5, x10 and even more.

What are the features of Hopi

Hopi is one of the best practices of creating a new business model based on big data and CRM technologies. Hopi knows customers’ preferences, shopping habits, even the number of children they have, the town their parents live, the activities they do in leisure times etc. This enables Hopi to offer a personalized experience with customized campaigns designed for identified micro and macro segments based on customers’ lifestyle and preferences through their transactions, without asking any questions. Hopi also uses ibeacons and real-time campaign notifications. So member merchants of Hopi can reach a relevant group of customer through targeted campaigns and they are willing to offer or boost Paracik (coins) in return. The offers of Hopi to customers mean also new customer acquisition, increased wallet share and reduced churn for Hopi’s member merchants.

Hopi was designed and developed by Boyner Group, one of the largest retail group of Turkey with 16,5 million unique customers and inherited the excellence of the group in using big data and CRM technologies.

Hopi by numbers
• Total Paracik gained and used worth of $ 68m
• The total number of transactions with Hopi is more than 10.3m
• The total amount of transactions with Hopi is more than $ 800m
• 300.000 members look at Hopi each day
• 50.000 members go shopping with Hopi each day
• Hopi member merchants – 20% increase in traffic & 30% increase in their revenue

Sign up in Hopi without phone number

To make buying a virtual number for Hopi even easier, we’ve prepared a step-by-step instruction for our customers:

  1. Register at

In order to register, you will need an email. You can also sign up via Google, Facebook, Twitter.

Open tab “Payment” and replenish balance through Apple Pay, Qiwi, Payeer, AdvCash or exchanger/wallet Coinbase.

2. Copy your API key. Go to Profile

And click “Copy” on API key place.

3. Next I recommend to use our Telegram bot because the number may not be received the first time. Our bot has a feature that allows the bot to request the number itself within 30 seconds. Go to Sms-man Bot and click “/start”.

4. The bot will greet you. Click on the “Buy Number” button.

5. Click on “Please select a country” button and enter country that you need. I will use Turkey.

6. Similarly, choose a Hopi service.

7. Wait and the number will be available to you. Copy him.

8. Go to Hopi official site. Translate page on English. Click “Login or register” button.

9. Copy the number received from the Telegram bot (without the number 9) and click “Continue” button.

10. Then you need to get sms-code. Go to the bot and click Get SMS button. Copy sms-code and paste to Hopi.

11. Complete your registration with filling this fileds.

12. Thats all! We have sign up in Hopi using Sms-man Telegram bot.

For successful registration, we also recommend using our second bot – Sms-man Proxy bot. It guarantees security and anonymity in the network.
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