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How to sign up for Wish without phone number

Wish account

Online shopping is an integral part of the lives of millions of people around the world. Amazon, eBay, Wish account: each of them uses at least one of these. But some people cannot enjoy all the opportunities of online platforms for buying and selling goods as all of them require users to verify their phone numbers to make or take orders.

This issue is especially relevant for those who are living in China, India, Iran and other countries that are restricted or simply do not have those apps available. In this article, we will explain is it possible to use one of the most popular worldwide online marketplaces without completing mobile verification and how to create Wish account using virtual phone numbers.

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Wish sign up: emerging opportunities

Wish is a San Francisco-based online marketplace for buying and selling goods. However, unlike Amazon and eBay, it has an emphasis on cheap products as one of its key distinctions. Because of this, it is not easy to find there prominent brand names like Apple or Gucci. But at the same time with the Wish account users can buy, for example, sneakers or smartwatches for only $5, while prices on other products are also extra cheap. Currently, this platform has a few core advantages which are the following:

  • Cheap prices;
  • Long shipping times;
  • Occasional customer service woes;
  • Easy-to-use mobile app.

After completing Wish registration users receive access to a very large product range. The most popular and widely represented category on the platform is a fashion which among others includes sundresses, leggings and bathing suits. Also, there are a lot of choices for those who want to buy goods that pertain to household supplies and gadgets. Basically, there it is possible to find everything that people need in everyday life.

Wish registration without phone number

There is no issue with creating a Wish account without verifying the phone number. Everyone can do this by completing a simple registration form using an email address or Facebook, Gmail or Apple profile page. But like in the case with other online marketplaces such an account will be available only for exploring offers.

In order to make or take orders, it has to be linked and verified with a phone number. But what to do if there is no way to do this using your own phone number for some reason? You can easily create Wish account that will be fully operable using a virtual phone number.

How to create Wish account with a virtual phone number?

This task is not difficult if using the SMS receiving platform SMS-Man. Virtual phone numbers are a simple and effective tool that among other purposes is suitable for creating a Wish account or verifying an already existing profile. Read our detailed guide to learn how to use it:

1. Register at sms-man.com, verify entered email address and login to the platform with a created account.


2. Proceed to the payment tab and add funds to the balance using Coinbase, Alipay, Payeer or another available payment method.


3. Open the main page of the platform and select the desired country of a virtual phone number.


4. Scroll down and choose Wish sign up option on the tab with applications.


5. Click the purchase button to get a virtual phone number for receiving the corresponding SMS.


6. Enter it on the Wish account registration or verification form and request a verification code.

7. Press the «Get SMS» button to see the received one-time password and use it to verify or create Wish account.

Well done! You have created Wish account without using a personal phone number at all and now can start to make or take orders. In order to create another account simply repeat the steps from above. As it is easy to notice using virtual numbers is not a difficult process so there is no reason not to.

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