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How to bypass Coinbase verification without number?

Verification without phone number

Coinbase is a popular American online cryptocurrency exchange. The company provides customers with opportunities to buy/sell crypto, transfer funds, convert, and even the opportunity to mine for a “small” fee. Primarily known for being the first public cryptocurrency exchange. Nowadays, it dominates the market and is actively developing.

The company was founded in 2012 as a startup in a San Francisco apartment. Coinbase experienced a crypto boom in 2013 and 2017 and endured the so-called “crypto-zima,” which lasted from 2018 to 2020. During that time, the platform has become one of the most user-friendly on the market and is now trying to be the “Amazon of the cryptocurrency market,” offering access to over 142 different crypto-assets. In this article, you will learn how to start a Coinbase account without a number.


How to make money from cryptocurrency

– Investing. The safest and most promising way to make money from cryptocurrency. And this judgment is justified, given the growth in the value of digital money and the fact that, despite the fluctuations, the rate is moving steadily upwards. The essence of the method is to buy and store currency, which over time, rising in value, increases the amount of capital. Investments can be long-term or short-term (1-3 months). Either way, you can make a good profit, but long-term investments have higher risks.

– Trading, or trading within the day/week. These are very short-term investments, the main goal of which is to gain profit from price movements over one or more days. You can make good money on trading, but you can also lose. A trader must have a good understanding of the stock exchange algorithm, be able to use analytical tools and make his own forecasts. It is possible to earn on trading only with the competent and responsible approach.

– Margin Trading. It is also one of trading subspecies. The peculiarity of it is that leverage is used for trading. That is, a trader has an opportunity to operate with larger sums, which allows him to increase considerably the profitability of operations. If the situation is good, the profit from manipulations will more than compensate the interest. But there is a high risk, too. No matter how you look at it, credit money has to be returned, as well as the interest for its use.

Registering on Coinbase

Cryptocurrency is a new tool which, if used properly, will help you make a good capital. But cryptocurrency exchange is not a casino where you can rely on your luck. Only thorough work, responsible approach and cold-bloodedness will help to reach the desired income.

It is best to study thematic literature, practice with a demo account and watch how the exchange works in dynamics before you proceed to real trading. It will allow you to get acquainted with the process, without risking real money.
Only users from certain countries can fully work with Coinbase. The list of partner countries is constantly updated and published on the Coinbase website. The list of countries limits the function of buying/selling cryptocurrencies, as well as the passing of verification. But you can bypass this restriction and create a Coinbase account using a virtual number.

To do this, you need to choose a service that sells virtual numbers. For example, the service Sms-man, there you can buy a number for registration on Coinbase for $0.35.


Register in the service via email or Telegram, replenish your balance in any of the available methods. On the main page you choose the country available for registration and service – Coinbase. Press the “buy” button”, after that you will receive the number of the selected country.


Use it to register on the exchange, go back to the site and click “get code”. Enter the confirmation code to complete registration. Now you can make money on the crypto exchange in peace!

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