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How to Sign Up for Wallethub without a Phone Number?

How to Sign Up for Wallethub without a Phone Number

What is WalletHub? It’s an application designed by Evolution Finance in 2013 to provide finance management tools. Its main products are daily credit scores and credit history reports. To provide these metrics, the service requests your private information, which is the primary concern of users who want web security.

WalletHub claims to be a legitimate service that collaborates with regulatory organizations/apps to provide the safest experience. Disregarding this, it’s wise to consider its advantages and nuances first. SMS-Man offers a guide on what is WalletHub like & its registration requirements.

How to Use WalletHub App?

Its main tools are WalletLiteracy Quiz and Financial Fitness, through which users can track their credit history, and check scores & reports. They are calculated by a major credit score provider, TransUnion. Users are not charged for registering or using its tools.

WalletHub can and will direct it to a banking organization capable of providing users with credit programs. The latter will send an email or call the WalletHub account holder if he or she is considered reliable. WalletHub makes money by showing advertisements and sending user data to third parties.

The credit scores & reports by WalletHub system may not match the credit scores that many banks use to evaluate people’s credit histories. It does not give any guarantees that the user will be able to take out a loan on better terms, but it does increase the chances. 

What is WalletHub in terms of work area? It covers US cities, populated by 200K+ citizens. This feature prevents people abroad from utilizing WalletHub. It’s sad but understandable, given that WalletHub is incorporated in Miami, US. Its presence in Asia and Europe will need a lot of paperwork.

One can view the application as a good way to track credit history. If WalletHub’s score goes up or down, it will likely reflect the appropriate dynamics of the FICO score, most commonly used among banks. That answers the question of how to use the WalletHub app if you’ve been wondering.

Despite its usefulness, the app still causes tension by selling user data to third-party organizations that could be spammers, marketers, etc. Most of this information is provided during the account registration process. Please read the SMS-Man tutorial before registering.

WalletHub Sign Up Process Explained

The service’s developers made quite a clear yet uncomfortable WalletHub sign up procedure, which is a part of the general effort to ensure customer security and let it collaborate with prominent credit organizations. Below is a list of what you must provide to register:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Physical address
  • Mobile number

The application asks for your physical address to verify your identity for a credit report. You must also provide a phone number and email address for the same purpose: to protect WalletHub account holders and to send important notifications.

But you shouldn’t trust your sensitive information to apps that openly sell and share it with third parties. Especially if you have the option of a more secure solution with a virtual phone number. One such service is SMS-Man, which sells automatically generated virtual phone numbers for registration in over 1000 online services.

A virtual number is a cloud-based piece of information that exists outside the reach of banking organizations, mobile apps, and even national governments. It can be used to bypass the use of a regular phone number for WalletHub registration and thus use the service anonymously.

Virtual Number for a WalletHub Account

In addition to all the pros, the use of these numbers is legal and even if it weren’t, governments can only look at the number suppliers and not the users themselves. Together all these features make virtual numbers the best if you want to create a maximally anonymous WalletHub account. But what are the buying options?

SMS-Man offers such numbers for rent or purchase. Using a leased one, you can register for numerous services, paying a small fee for a selected period. The second option involves one-time registration via SMS. This option costs <1$ and SMS-Man recommends using it.

virtual phone number for wallethub

How to pass WalletHub registration using the one-time number? Let’s see:

  1. Open, then log in to your account.
  2. Top up your account on the “top up my balance” page.
  3. Select “Buy SMS”, then select US and the WalletHub app.
  4. Find your phone number in your order history.
  5. Provide it to WalletHub when you sign up, then request an SMS
  6. Click the ” Receive SMS” button in your SMS-Man profile.
  7. Complete registration.

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