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How to Sign up for Quikr App without a Phone Number?

Sign up for Quikr App without a Phone Number

First of all, what is Quikr? Indian-centric classifieds software & marketplace platform designed to offer an easy entrance to the digital commerce realm. Used by 30 million customers monthly, the application unites 1200+ cities/villages with remarkable simplicity, support service & wide product list.

Quikr is limited to India, while only the holders of local numbers can register. Thousands of products are sold here daily, while the queries like ‘What is Quikr feature-wise?’ seem to grow numerous both in and outside India. You can register abroad, and SMS-man will show how.


Quikr Benefits & Features

Quikr is notable for its informative yet simple interface design of its mobile application & website. The latter meets newcomers with many buttons, including offer & discount banners, search bar, location choice, call to post free ad, and many product sections. 

What is Qiukr functionality regarding the categorization? Product sections can offer various benefits to visitors who seek household appliances/furniture, cars, bicycles, services, education, properties, specific products, etc. They place similar sections at the website’s center and united into titled blocks (i.e. QuikrEasy, QuikrCars, and others).

One can find a recommendations section, trending posts, car-related publications, job openings, & more. The app kindly lets you receive notifications about specific ads. Speaking of specifics, what is Quikr Search? The service allows clients to pick categories & enter necessary keywords to find what they want among thousands of offers.

They run sponsored ads and paid promotion that drives client’s posts up. As such, the platform is excellent for acquiring products and publishing local ads in India. It’s payment solution and doorstep delivery option simplifies the trade here. So, There are plenty of reasons to join.

Quikr Mobile provides similar features with a more modern UI design, and is available free on Android & IOS. Furthermore, there’s a blog & help service with all FAQs and updates. It manages a convenient Quikr account registration process, subject to discussion in the following section. 

Quikr Benefits & Features

Quikr Account Setup

Whatever you seek by joining, the registration is meant to meet the objective from the T&C: enable additional security measures of customer data, systemize activities of millions platform users, ban those who violate the app’s rules, bak up accounts. After you download Quikr app, provide the following details:

  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Full name
  • Password

They send verification codes on your mobile phone and ask for necessary permissions to let you finalize the process. They store the data on secure servers away from public reach. Notably, you can choose whether to show contact details on the website or hide them.

You don’t really have to specify private information details to register a Quikr account. Your refusal won’t harm your experience—they are not essential and can be substituted via third-party services. In the end, creating an anonymous account sounds great to keep anonymous and protected. 

To avoid unnecessary complications, replace the mobile numbers with the virtual ones sold by SMS-man.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Quikr

Online or virtual numbers operate just the way they sound like. No SIM needed, no location & documentation is requested. You don’t need to provide any info, either, so your data is safe. As such, they’re totally legitimate & law-friendly. All you need to pass Quikr sign up procedure is an Indian online number. 

SMS-man is among the biggest providers of these numbers. Their products are cheap, effective, stable, and sold for rent or purchase. While there’s no multiple SMS messages for the purchased numbers, the leased ones accept numerous registrations with no expiration after the first time

virtual phone number for quikr

If you want one-time registration, check this:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Register and log in to your account
  3. Recharge your account using the ” Top up my balance” option.
  4. Select your country and “Quikr”, then click on the “Buy SMS” button.
  5. Find the purchased phone number in your order history and copy it.
  6. Use it in the registration process and ask for a verification code.
  7. Go back to SMS-man and click the “Receive SMS” button next to your phone.
  8. Use the code you received to complete the registration.

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