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Can I Create Monese Account without a Phone Number?

Create Monese Account without a Phone Number

Monese Bank offers finance management services & products in the United Kingdom and European Economic Area, meaning that you need a relevant number to get access. Since its creation in 2014, this organization attracted 2 million users to create an account.

The bank runs a mobile app with a simple registration, local/global transfer solutions, budgeting products, savings pots, top-notch safety measures, and additional assets in its portfolio. This article will explore all of them along with the Monese verification & registration procedures.

Monese Bank Overview

Monese Bank Overview

Monese started in 2015 on a mission of providing banking services to customers without excellent credit history & scores, and proof of address. The bank is available in 31 countries in Europe only as a mobile application.

There are three types of individual membership programs:

  • Starter. No sign-up fee, 2.5% global transfer commission, additional 1% at weekends, Standard debit card for Monese account owners, 2% charge for card purchases in other currencies, £/€1.5 commission for cash withdrawals, and 3.5% for refillments.
  • Classic. £/€5.95 monthly, minimum 0,5% global transaction chargeback, debit card with Holographic edging, free monthly withdrawals and deposit operations under £/€500.
  • Premium. £/€14.95 monthly, no transaction commissions, Premium card, free cash withdrawals & deposits under £/€1,500 monthly, prioritized customer assistance.

Monese bank plans provide regular & scheduled transactions/direct debits, no charge for local operations in Europe, Monese-to-Monese transactions & first card delivery, and Avios, PayPal, Apple Pay & Google Pay integrations, and multilanguage support. One can request funds from nearby friends, receive salary receipts, and send money internationally based on its exchange course. Three currencies are supported: GBP, EUR, RON.

What is Monese budgeting product line like? Users can set custom weekly & monthly budget limits, monitor how their money has been spent, check full transaction reports, and download them as PDF documents/Excel tables. Users can make up to 10 savings pots to store money for specific purchases on them.

monese web

Monese Credit Options

The bank offers a service called Credit Builder, which helps clients improve their credit history. You can choose a sum between £/€30 and £/€100 and pay it off in monthly installments over a year. Once you make the final payment into your Monese account, the money will be unlocked, and your user statistics and data will be sent to credit agencies like TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

If you’re an individual user, you have the option to choose insurance plans to protect yourself in case you end up in the hospital or lose your job. You can also get insurance for personal items like cell phones and cover various bills, such as groceries, rent, utilities, and service subscriptions. You can find plan conditions on the Monese website.

In addition to these services, Monese Bank provides extra benefits like Instant Bank Transfers, Open Banking technology, rewards for inviting friends, and advanced security tools such as encryption, 2FA, Face ID, Touch ID, and Fingerprint Scanner. If you want a Monese account, SMS-man can guide you through the registration process.

Monese Registration & Verification

How to create an account in this bank? No need for appointments, address documents, credit checks, phone calls, or minimum deposits. All you need to register & verify a Monese account is these three pieces of data:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • ID documentation (e.g. passport)

Since Monese openly shares user data with third parties like credit agencies, it’s wise to raise concerns about privacy and security. They state that all data processed via the bank’s infrastructure is protected by encryption, touch & face ID, etc. from individual hackers or scammers.

Regarding large companies, things get more complicated as no one knows how these credit agencies are using Monese bank data. Even besides that, it’s always helpful to mask private info wherever possible. You can fake much of your data, and a phone number is no different.

You can use automatically generated numbers, using no SIM cards and therefore your documentation. How do they work? Check below to find out.

Virtual Numbers for Monese Account

Virtual mobile numbers do not use SIMs because they’re made in a cloud landscape with no devices. Due to this, they’re multifunctional, as you can enter them during Monese account creation to bypass location limitations or remain anonymous. They match the law requirements, but still, no app can trace you.

You can but them from online vendors like SMS-man. This service offers 100% stable one-time numbers that require minimal money per unit (no more than 1 USD). Its online phone numbers for rent are also cheap but allow for multiple registrations at the expense of larger cost. They can be inconvenient if you want to create Monese bank account one time.

virtual phone number for Monese

SMS-man recommends one-time numbers. Here is a stepwise guide to getting one:

  1. Register & log in to
  2. Add some funds using the Top Up section
  3. Select ‘buy SMS’.
  4. Choose the service (Monese) and nation (UK).
  5. Spot the number in the archive.
  6. Fill it in, request an SMS back in SMS-man.
  7. Confirm the SMS, finalize the registration.

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