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How to Create a DANA Account without a Phone Number?

How to Create a DANA Account without a Phone Number

Dana is an Indonesian-centric financial application that operates as a digital wallet. You can register a login Dana to pay for products, transfer money, and store them within an intuitive system with the contemporary functionality of an e-wallet accessible with several clicks.

With over 100M downloads on Google Play, Dana has garnered worldwide recognition. They’ve implemented numerous security practices, optional and necessary ones. So, why is login Dana worth it? How to register? What requirements will emerge to use the app? Let’s find out.

dana app

Why Would You Want to Sign Up for Dana?

The application’s tagline is “Dana, for easier transaction without drama”. It’s reflected in its main features, highlighted on their website:

  • All-in-one service
  • Advanced data protection
  • Guaranteed financial security

By ‘all-in-one service’, they mean the ability to pay for pulsa, home bills, phone, internet, and products with no hassle. The Dana account holders can link their bank account details to the wallet, connect it to online marketplaces/stores, and complete all e-commerce operations with several finger taps. 

Additionally, one can request the app to provide an official debit card to pay for products offline using it. It has 80+ brands in its list of affiliates, including banks, restaurants, shops, marketplaces, etc. The full list of partners is available on the website of e-wallet Dana.

The service’s data protection system is organized via PIN and OTP codes, dynamic QR codes, and encryption protocols. When combined, these provide 100% security of customer data and transactions. Additionally, one can cancel the payment operation if needed. 

Notably, the service runs a blog, social media accounts, and a reachable 24/7 customer support team that will answer any questions regarding the wallet or cards. It has been licensed and introduced by the Bank of Indonesia and Kominfo, so it’s seemingly safe to sign up for Dana.

So, how would an account here be useful for you? It’s a convenient app that simplifies life in Indonesia, with numerous usage options, affiliated partners, and security algorithms. No wonder that it has attracted millions to sign up. If interested, you can join its community by registering, and SMS-man will show you how.

Why Would You Want to Sign Up for Dana

How to Create a Login Dana

The service is a contemporary platform in complete alignment with Indonesian regulations. The Dana account registration process includes several easy steps:

  • Enter an Indonesian mobile number
  • Request an OTP
  • Fill in your name
  • Create a six-digit PIN code
  • Repeat it to verify
  • Finish the registration

The mobile number is the key component of your security on Dana. When a user wants to send money to your account, he or she types in your number as an ID. Additionally, it’s used to find fraudsters/TOS violators. Finally, it helps restrict all non-Indonesian users from using Dana.

Disregarding the limitations, you can sign up for Dana without being in Indonesia. All you need is to provide a spare mobile number with the local national code, which is a safer way. To do it, you can use the virtual number, a solution that allows you to ignore geographic limitations.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Dana Account Registration

These are the numbers, created automatically using third-party software that operates in cloud space. You don’t need a SIM card or ID documentation to obtain it, which means that you can have it in any place. These numbers are sold in bulk, for rent, or as single numbers by countless online vendors.

You can rent a number or buy one to create a Dana account. Renting a number enables you to register several accounts quickly, while a purchased number will help if you need a single registration for very cheap. If your case is a one-time SMS confirmation, consider purchasing a number.

virtual phone number for dana

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to, register, or enter using an existing Google+ account.
  2. Click on the ‘top up’ button at the top of the screen, then deposit some funds.
  3. Select the country and service to buy a one-off verification code.
  4. Press ‘buy SMS’ near the required service button.
  5. Find the number in the history of recent requests.
  6. Enter this number during the Dana account registration.
  7. Return to, click ‘receive SMS’ in your profile.
  8. Use the received code to register the account.

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