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How to Create a Pogo Account without a Phone Number?

Pogo Account

What is Pogo? It’s the app that helps users monetize their data and save money on their daily bills for coffee, groceries, gasoline, etc. The app offers monetary rewards that can be spent at affiliated marketplaces, stores, banks, and restaurants in exchange for your data such as location, email address & more.

Pogo has over 500k+ downloads on Google Play and mostly positive ratings based on 30k reviews. It is advisable to be cautious when using its features as the data needed to earn rewards can be susceptible to theft. Before signing up, it is wise to get a detailed answer, what is Pogo?

what is Pogo

Pogo Features & Benefits

It requests debit/credit card information to offer the first feature – passively earning rewards while shopping. After linking the card, Pogo will be able to track the user’s financial transactions and award the appropriate number of points, but no more than 100. Not bad, but it’s hard to get much from these rewards.

Alongside card details, Pogo account users can attach up to three email addresses to let Pogo track invoices from stores/marketplaces directly in the inbox. Sadly, only 10 points can be earned weekly. This is another opportunity for passive profits, but also not so cost-effective.

Pogo offers paid surveys, provided by third-party applications. Before passing one, the respondent can view the time it will take and the number of points they will receive, which is up to 1000. The user has to pass the qualification of the Pogo account first. This type of activity is more profitable but also time-consuming.

Finally, the service has developed a referral program to let customers earn rewards for sending the invite links to their friends. After the registration via this link, the invited user must earn 3000 points. If this requirement is met, both users receive 250 points. The reward is small, but it doesn’t require much effort.

pogo app

So, what are the four ways to benefit from Pogo? Let’s see:

  • Debit/credit card confirmation.
  • Email address provision.
  • Paid surveys.
  • Referral program.

What is Pogo cash-out process like? The customers can convert their rewards using PayPal or Venmo wallets, or right into Amazon/Visa gift cards.

So, if you’re interested in undergoing the Pogo sign in procedure, check the following section. The software is available free on IOS and Android platforms. It has an intuitive interface design where all users can navigate across Pogo’s functionality.

Pogo Registration Process

The application requires at least the residency status in the US to register an account. You also must be 13+ years old. If it’s fine, follow these steps to register:

  1. Go to Pogo’s official website and click “Sign Up”.
  2. Enter all the required information and click “next”.
  3. Provide an American mobile number.
  4. Confirm it using an SMS code.

The mobile number is a relevant security measure that can help enable two-step authentication. It’s helpful since you can link your bank data after Pogo registration. They don’t want to let anybody get access to your private information, so it sounds reasonable.

But you can’t get there if you’re outside the US. Moreover, the very concept of providing personal data in exchange for virtual rewards is questionable – who knows how they use it? There is no guarantee that it won’t be hacked.

These are fair arguments that privacy advocates make when using mobile apps. It’s for this very reason that fake email addresses and mobile phones exist. They enable privacy in a highly risky environment. SMS-man is a service that can help pass the Pogo sign in and registration process using virtual numbers.

Virtual Numbers for Pogo Account

Virtual number is used to register on Pogo without a SIM phone number. It can have any country’s national code without you being there. They’re legal, but even if they weren’t, governments can block the supplier but not trace the number.

Thus, by buying such numbers, you do not risk but get advantages. SMS-Man can sell both the rented ones and the one-time virtual phone numbers for Pogo signups. The latter stops working after its SMS confirmation. The former supports limitless confirmations but costs more.

SMS man platform

If you need a one-time confirmation, check this stepwise guide:

  1. Go to website, then log in.
  2. Refill with less than $1 via the Top Up button
  3. Press ‘buy SMS’ on the first page
  4. Pick the country United States and “Pogo” service/
  5. Copy the phone number, then provide it when asked
  6. Return to SMS-man, and press “get SMS”
  7. Verify Pogo account via SMS.

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