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How to Sign Up for Truth Social Account without a Phone Number?

Truth Social Account without a Phone Number

Do you want to have a platform for freely speaking on political issues without being blocked like on Twitter? Then, consider registering an account on the Truth Social app, Donald Trump’s social media platform. Sure, due to its owner, developers designed the app for Trump’s supporters, conservative-leaning people.

What is the platform in a nutshell, and how to avoid compromising your private phone number during registration? Let’s find the answers in today’s reading.

Donald Trump Truth Social

What is Truth Social?

What is Truth Social? Donald Trump decided to create his own social media after getting a ban on X (ex-Twitter), which so far was his primary mouthpiece.

Before launching the app in February 2022, Trump already made an attempt to launch a blog platform. The web page got the name “From the Desk of Donald J.Trump”. But it did not last long, being closed in less than a month after the release.

But by that time, Trump’s team came to him armed with the idea of ​​creating the new version of Twitter. Or rather, a social network similar to X, but for the alt-leaning community such as Parler, Gab, and Gettr. The marketing campaign mostly focused on the fact that the app is an alternative to traditional social media such as Facebook, TikTok, and the X itself. Though the Truth Social app’s 5 million audience is hard to compare with the TikTok and Facebook’s few billions for each, the app still fares better than other social media from the so-called “alt-tech” space.

The promises themselves were quite good, but, as practice shows, the platform became a megaphone for all sorts of extremists and right-wing radicals. Moreover, this kind of statements seem to be quietly supported by the Truth Social app, since users are not banned for racism and extremism statements. Besides, since it is a pro-Republican platform, many users do not hesitate to address hate speech towards the current US President Joe Biden. Though there is lack of moderation on the app, users who selected usernames that made fun of Donald Trump and his allies got a ban. Moreover, as a genuinely conservative social media, the app also bans users for posting sexual content and language.

Now, after having explored the brief app’s history, let’s learn more about its features.

Truth Social App: Key Functionality

Truth Social App: Key Functionality

The app itself copies X (ex-Twitter) in many aspects, since its backend is even built using the same software. Though, it adapted the model for the needs of its community.

Thus, here is what users can do in their Truth Social account:

  • Post a “Truth” which is similar to a tweet.
  • Repost other users with “ReTruth” (aka retweet).
  • Follow the people whose opinion you interested in and unfollow those who declare views that are not close to yours anymore.
  • Send direct messages.
  • Publish photos and news stories.
  • Check the news feed — compose it with posts from users that broadcast views politically close to you.
  • Join existing groups based on your interests and create new ones to expand the community.
  • Check videos and upload yours.

Moreover, the ads on the app are called “sponsored truths”. 

How Safe Is Using a Truth Social Account?

The Truth Social app does not seem to be the safest social media on the planet if you have worries about privacy. Because, in its privacy policy, they openly state that the service will collect contact information from your device and search history which will further be used in data collection and more.

However, there are a few tips on how to keep your information when registering to any online platform.

  • Do not grant the app access to your contacts list. Though, it seems to simplify the process of setting up your personal profile. Actually, it means that you give the service more control over your information. So, adding friends manually will be much safer.
  • Using a website is safer than an app. Though, it is not possible in case of the Truth Social app, if you are concerned about your privacy and if a service has a web version, utilizing it is more preferable, because, compared to apps, websites collect less sensitive information. Moreover, it is easier to limit their web traffic and therefore data collection by installing special extensions.
  • Consider leveraging unique credentials when registering to a new app. Email address is required by almost any platform you register with today, the same is with a phone number.

Though it seems like a very little piece of information, it can become a thread to the rest of a user’s sensitive information. And, thus, the internet will learn your entire online identity to track all your movements. To avoid it, make an effort to use a unique email and phone number for protecting your privacy.

Having been a vendor of temporary virtual phone numbers for over 7 years now, SMS-man is always ready to help you by providing a unique phone number for a Truth Social account.

How to Get a Truth Social Code without a Phone Number?

Temporary virtual phone numbers for receiving OTPs are one of the necessary tools if you need to protect your anonymity throughout the Internet. Submitting this kind of number to a platform, you not only avoid giving it an opportunity to track your other data. But you also do not give it to define your real geolocation.

Moreover, compared to mobile numbers, when purchasing a disposable virtual number, let’s say for a Truth Social app, you do not need to provide any proof of identity, enabling you to have even more privacy.

A disposable virtual phone number is necessary when you:

  • Register to a service that is not available in your country.
  • Need to create a bulk of accounts for promoting business pages on social media.
  • Got a ban from the platform you still want to use and it asks you to provide a unique mobile number.
  • And many more.

With SMS-Man, you can get access to 3000+ online platforms and apps from 190+ supported countries.

virtual phone number

Here is what you need to do to purchase a Truth Social code using SMS-man’ number:

  1. Join through Google+ or set up an account.
  2. Add a few US dollars or crypto to the account balance — by a bank transfer (VISA, Payeer, AliPay, and more).
  3. On the homepage, select the service (Truth Social) and the country (US) by clicking “Buy”.
  4. On another tab, submit the number to Truth Social after copying it from the history of purchases.
  5. Get back to SMS-man and reveal a Truth Social code by clicking ‘Get SMS’.
  6. Use the OTP to complete registration.

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