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How to Create Truist Bank Account without a Phone Number?

Create Truist Bank Account without a Phone Number

What is Truist? Truist is a top banking company in the United States that was created in December 2019 following the amalgamation of BB&T and SunTrust Banks. The bank provides personal and corporate banking, wealth management, and insurance, among other related services. 

Truist is fully dedicated to technology advancements and improving the lives of its customers. A large portion of its security practices stands on the Truist account registration requirements, such as phone number submission. This piece will share insights on the bank’s features and show how to create an account without this data.

What is Truist Bank

What is Truist Bank?

There is a wide range of services and products this bank offers. It includes debit or credit cards, investment services, personal and home loans with competitive interest rates. They also let you check your balance in your Truist checking account, manage your funds in personal and business accounts, and earn APY on your deposits in the savings account. 

At the same time, for business entities, there are several products and services that Truist offers. They can help with cash management, commercial loans, and treasury services, among others. Their tools are used to control the cash flow and other needs for the firm’s corporate growth. 

What is Truist like when it comes to investment services? They provide individuals and families with advice on how to manage their money. Services consist of asset management, trust and estate services, wealth management, and planning. They employ sophisticated instruments and strategies crafted by high-end professionals. 

The bank also provides insurance solutions to protect you in case of unfortunate events. These include personal plans like auto, home, and life insurance, as well as specialized plans for businesses, homeowners, workers, etc. 

Having a Truist account is needed to make full use of the services and offerings from the bank. It enables you to efficiently handle your transactions and various products and services. Among the wide array of information needed for the account is the phone number. The below section shows why they need it.

Truist Bank App

Why Is Phone Number Required During The Truist Account Signup?

Truist takes some details including the phone number during the registration process. What is Truist doing with this data? It allows for each account to be attached to an individual user. This approach increases the account security and helps them prevent fraud on their app. The number is also useful when you change the password.

Demanding this info, Truist follows the legal industry standards which include Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) practices. These regulations help them identify you and ensure that you are not involved in any unlawful business. This, in turn, enables Truist to follow the laws and protect its clients and partners.

So, you cannot finish the Truist registration without entering a number. However, there are temporary options from services such as SMS-Man. These let you receive verification codes in the form of SMS for account creation while keeping your permanent phone numbers private.

How to Get a One-time Phone Number For Truist Bank?

SMS-Man can generate a temporary phone number to get a Truist Bank verification code. Thanks to this, you will not have to link your real phone to your account, which allows you to minimize risks in case of data leakage or misuse. In addition, you won’t need a SIM card, so your data will be completely safe.

Providing disposable phone numbers reduces the likelihood of spamming and unwanted connections. You can buy a phone number for Truist Bank or other 2,000 apps by selecting one of 200 phone codes. And even if the app is blocked in your country, you can still sign up using that phone number.

Also, this can be useful for travelers, expatriates, and anyone who wants to use services internationally and anonymously. Prices for these service start at less than $0.5 a piece, making them an even more attractive choice. So, what is the process of registering with Truist using this number? Let’s see.

virtual phone number

SMS-Man has put together a tutorial with all the steps to acquire and use it:

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. Top up your balance via the “Top up my balance” section.
  3. Select “Buy SMS” to return to the home page.
  4. Select one of the supported countries and the Truist service.
  5. Click the “Buy” button to generate a phone number.
  6. Copy it and use it to request SMS confirmation from the bank.
  7. Go back to SMS-Man and get the code by clicking “Get SMS”.
  8. Enter the verification code to complete the registration process.

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