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How to Create Brex Account without a Phone Number?

Create Brex Account without a Phone Number

Corporate cards, quick wire transfers, direct deposits, reimbursements, and overall cash management in a smooth interface. All these services and much more your business will find in the Brex app.

To sign up for the platform, you will need to verify your account with a phone number. In today’s reading, let’s learn how you can handle without opening up your real phone number. But first let’s find an answer to the question What is Brex?’, as well as what it offers to organizations.

What is Brex

What is Brex?

What is Brex? Brex is a fintech platform that provides accounts, services, lines of credit, and financial management software to startups that are at high risk of bankruptcy. The platform was launched by two Brazilian developers in 2017, who previously had experience launching both startups and financial projects. The idea for a new business appeared by itself. When Enrique Dubugras and Pedro Francesci applied to banks for a business credit card to start a new company, they faced constant refusals from banks. After conducted the market research, they understood that other startups were also struggling to get financing from banks.

Compared to traditional banking, Brex has an obvious advantage. It is that the company manages its own risks and makes decisions on lending to startups very quickly, in real time. It is made possible by using access to client data without providing personal guarantees and deposits.

At the very beginning, opening credit cards for new business ventures was the only service that Brex offered. But over time, to cover other needs of new organizations and larger businesses, the developers expanded functionality. Now, within a Brex business account, users can manage their corporate expenses, control limits by getting receipt notifications on every purchase, send global payments, and more.

This is how the app finally transformed into a full-fledged financial platform to help small, midsized companies and large organizations to manage their spending in one place.

So far, the user base contains up to 20,000 companies from various industries.

Brex wallet

What is Brex in Terms of Features?

Using Brex, the novice entrepreneurs can see, assume, and control their expenses. For example, at the end of the month, a CEO receives a full report on how much was spent for taxi, stationery, food, and more. What is more, Brex only uses its proprietary technology for implementing all its services.

So far, it is one of the most handy app for managing an organization’s expenses that allows employees to:

  • Get access to all business credit cards at the touch of a button — within a Brex business account.
  • Store corporate budget of up to $6M on FCID-insured deposits — with getting interest.
  • Make corporate purchases and control limits (which is really useful for employees).
  • Make reimbursements in a few clicks.
  • Manage company receipts without losing them since the app sends notifications on every purchase.
  • Send and receive ACH and wire transfers globally — Brex were the first to introduce ACH transfers for startups.
  • Not to waste hours dealing with expense reports — the app builds them automatically.
  • Book and manage business travels for employees (and control expenses for business trips as well).
  • And more.

Moreover, the app seamlessly integrates with a bunch of helpful services that you may already use on a regular basis, such as WhatsApp, Slack, Gusto, and many more. So, you can access them without leaving your Brex account.

How to Create Brex Business Account without a Phone Number?

As for a mobile number that the app asks when registering a Brex business account, thanks to modern technology tools, it is not obligatory to utilize your private phone number anymore. Using a temporary phone number that expires in 20 minutes, you can receive an OTP ro register in various messengers, social networks, marketplaces, taxi ordering and food delivery services, and many more. Or even use a bulk of numbers for creating corporate email accounts for your employees in one of the secure email providers. Without the need to reveal your real location and other sensitive data.

Neither being attached to any specific devices and physical address, nor requiring to submit any documents, virtual numbers allow you to mask your identity to improve the overall level of privacy. And this is crucial on today’s web that gathers as much user data as possible to compose a browser and device fingerprint and track how the users movements on the web.

Disposable virtual numbers from the SMS-Man vendor will allow you to sign up into 3000+ global and local apps (both web and mobile). There are  190+ countries available.

virtual phone number

So, how can you get a disposable virtual number to sign up for a Brex business account? Here is the quick guide:

  1. Sign up for with an email or through social media.
  2. Replenish the account balance in any convenient payments method.
  3. Choose the service and the required country at the ‘Receive SMS’ tab. Then click ‘Purchase’.
  4. Copy the number from ‘History’ (you can find it below) and submit to Brex.
  5. To get a verification code, go back to SMS-man and click ‘Get SMS’ near the number.
  6. Apply it for Brex.

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