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How to Create Target Account without a Phone Number?

Create Target Account without a Phone Number

What is Target like in general terms? Target offers an extensive item selection, from everyday essentials to electronics and fashion. Both its online website and brick-and-mortar locations offer a meticulously organized and inviting experience, coupled with trendy, top-quality items at affordable prices. 

To set up a account, shoppers need to share a number. This step not only enhances account security but also personalizes the shopping journey with tailored updates and exclusive deals. This guide breaks down its signup requirements and explores what Target has to offer to registered users.

What is Target

Why Would You Need Account?

Target account owners can use Drive Up—a service that lets you order online and have your items brought right to your doorstep or a Target store near you. This no-contact pickup saves your time and amps up the convenience factor, making shopping faster and more efficient.

What is Target subscription like? This service is designed to be a lifesaver if you find yourself buying certain items repeatedly. Set your delivery schedule for household, beauty, and personal care essentials, so you’re never caught off guard. This service makes reordering easy by keeping track of your favorites.

With the Circle loyalty program, you can get exclusive deals, discounts, and a say in community support forums. This option is available for the owners of a account, which also allows the shop to track your habits and make personalized offers that help you save more over time. 

The mobile app and website make shopping even smoother by offering in-store maps, a search tool for finding items, digital coupons, and a quick checkout process. The app is your go-to for managing subscriptions, diving into loyalty bonuses, and staying in the loop on the latest deals and events.

So, what is Target account like in terms of benefits? Overall, it’s designed to save you time and cash while keeping you constantly informed. With the bonuses of the account now laid out, let’s dive into the next section, where SMS-Man walks you through the signup process in detail.

Target app

What is Target Signup Like?

You can start by visiting its website or downloading the app on your smartphone. Find the button to create Target account, typically located at the top of the screen. Then, you’ll be prompted to fill in some simple details such as your name, email, and password.

Additionally, you will need a US-issued number. This is an important part of verification, security, and personalized shopping experience. Your number will take you through notifications about your orders, special offers, and deals sent to your phone. 

If privacy concerns or the lack of an American mobile phone number is your problem, SMS-Man offers you a smart alternative — temporary phone numbers. They can get text messages such as a Target verification code, used to complete the registration, without mentioning your real number. 

Let’s dive into how they operate and the steps to sign up for Target with a temporary phone number.

How to Register Target Account without a Phone Number 

SMS-Man offers temporary phone numbers as a solution for receiving SMS messages without giving out your real contact number. Perfect to obtain a Target verification code, these online numbers help you keep your privacy intact while registering for services.

Available worldwide, they provide an easy and secure way to avoid sharing your personal contact information in over 2000 apps, safeguarding you from unsolicited messages and boosting your online security.

virtual phone number

What is Target signup like with one of those? If you’re curious, dive into this guide to uncover the process:

  1. Go to, register and log in to your account.
  2. Refill your account for a certain amount on the “Refill balance” page.
  3. Click the “Buy SMS” button in the menu to return to the home page.
  4. Select one of the supported countries and the Target app.
  5. Click “Buy,” then find it in your profile and copy it.
  6. Enter it during the registration process and send a code.
  7. To see the code, go back to SMS-Man and click “Get SMS.”
  8. Enter the code and complete the registration.

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