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How to Sign Up for Swagbucks without a Phone Number?

Sign Up for Swagbucks without a Phone Number

What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a mobile service that allows customers to get points called SB by completing different activities and then cashing them out. Created in 2008 by Prodege, LLC, it became a popular app among those looking for extra money or gift cards.

Some activities it offers include passing surveys, watching videos, and shopping. It helps people to spend their spare time effectively when they don’t work. Swagbucks account creation involves the use of a mobile number. If you want to know how to skip the submission of your real number, you will find this guide helpful. You will also get a grasp of the app’s features.

What is Swagbucks

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks offers users many ways to get paid. You can download it on iOS and Android to earn SB points on the move and then convert them to PayPal cash or gift cards at Amazon, Walmart, or Starbucks. Its daily online tasks include market research surveys, videos, and shopping online.

What is Swagbucks in terms of specific activities? Market research surveys let users express their standpoints on different matters. The survey duration and amount of rewards can vary: the longer a survey is, the more currency is earned, thus allowing users to complete as many surveys as they want.

Another way of earning is through online shopping. Its portal or browser extension allows for cashback every time you buy something at the shops of its numerous partners. This helps Swagbucks account users save money and rewards them for purchases they would make anyway. Moreover, the app provides coupons for offline purchases, which extends the savings.

Watching videos is a less time-consuming way to get SB. Swagbucks provides various video content, including entertainment, news, and sponsored videos. While the points per video are relatively low, this activity requires minimal effort, making them easy to accumulate over time.

What is Swagbucks offering, beyond this? Gaming is another method to receive SB. It features various titles where users can earn by reaching specific levels or completing in-game purchases. This is a nice approach if you enjoy gaming, as it adds a financial incentive to this type of entertainment.

The app offers numerous options to get awards with simple tasks. From surveys and e-shopping to watching videos and playing games, you can make the most of your spare time. Creating a Swagbucks account secures your earnings and enhances the overall experience by offering personalized recommendations and managing reward redemptions.

Swagbucks app

Why Does Swagbucks Signup Request a Phone Number?

Swagbucks requires a phone number during registration to ensure account security and platform integrity. This is part of identity verification, meant to prevent unauthorized activities. They say, the phone number must be linked to a mobile carrier and cannot be VOIP, landline, or non-mobile services.

The verification process involves entering an SMS code sent to the phone number for Swagbucks. This enhances security by linking it to your phone. The app does not accept numbers from Google Voice or Skype, underscoring the need for a genuine number.

However, if you wish to refrain from providing the mobile number or face verification issues, Swagbucks offers little flexibility. A virtual number can be a good option to confirm the SMS message during the Swagbucks signup. Their system accepts such a number as regular, with no further security checks.

How to Create Swagbucks Account without a Phone Number?

Consider temporary phone numbers from SMS-Man to meet privacy concerns or verification difficulties. These can bypass phone number requirements during registration. This section will guide you on purchasing and using it to receive the Swagbucks signup code.

Using a virtual number from SMS-Man allows a secure way to access the service without revealing personal details because it doesn’t need your SIM or location info. This method is ideal for those who prefer not to use personal numbers for online rewards services.

When creating an account, a virtual phone number for Swagbucks can receive the necessary code messages, allowing seamless completion of the registration process. The app sends its SMS to these numbers as usual, and upon confirming them, you can easily use the app.

Notably, these phone numbers cease to operate after the first activation. Hence their low price of under $0.50 apiece. So, what is Swagbucks registration like with one of those? Let’s find out.

virtual phone number

The upcoming guide will detail how to purchase and use the service effectively:

  1. Visit and log in using e-mail or social networks.
  2. Make a deposit by clicking on “Top up my balance” from the menu.
  3. Click “Get SMS,” then select your country and the Swagbucks app.
  4. Find the generated phone number in your archive at the bottom of the pagesk.
  5. Copy it and specify it while registering a new account in the app.
  6. Go back to your SMS-Man account, click on “Get SMS”.
  7. Confirm your Swagbucks registration code to complete your registration.


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