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How to Create PingPong Account without a Phone Number?

Create PingPong Account without a Phone Number

PingPong app offers an innovative financial platform to meet growing needs for streamlined cross-border payment solutions among global businesses. As economies become increasingly interconnected, the ability of companies to engage in international transactions swiftly becomes crucial.

PingPong provides a versatile tool for managing payments across different currencies and countries, enabling businesses to expand their reach without barriers. This article will explore the pros of this app. You will also learn how to set up a PingPong login without the submission of your phone number.

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What is PingPong App?

PingPong streamlines cross-border payments for businesses. It offers a wallet that supports 25+ currencies and conducts transactions with competitive FX rates. This feature helps companies engage in international trade, enabling them to hold, manage, and convert their money efficiently.

What is PingPong in terms of global reach? Supporting numerous payment options, it facilitates transactions in over 200 countries. PingPong supports accepting payments through local and international methods, which makes it a robust tool for e-commerce businesses that need to receive payments from a global customer base.

Additionally, the platform handles essential compliance checks like KYC, ensuring that businesses operate within legal financial frameworks. Moreover, the PingPong app offers solutions to optimize cash flow through automated payment flows and debit cards.

The platform guarantees fast and secure transactions, which helps businesses improve their supply chain efficiency and strengthen supplier relationships by ensuring timely payments. This comprehensive suite of services makes PingPong indispensable for those looking to enhance their financial operations across borders.

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Why Does PingPong Account Request a Phone Number?

When registering for a PingPong account, a contact number is required for verification. This improves overall safety and ensures each account is uniquely linked to a verifiable customer. It acts as a second layer of identity verification, helping to prevent fraudulent activities and unauthorized access to sensitive financial data.

By confirming mobile number ownership, you can have an additional recovery option and a direct way to send important inquiries. Using this data in PingPong registration also simplifies interactions with the platform. It allows you to reach out to customer support, or to ask it to reset account credentials in case of lost access.

However, providing personal data can worry users who prioritize privacy or don’t want to link their contact info to financial apps online. While PingPong’s official policy typically requires a number for PingPong account setup, users might seek alternatives.

SMS-Man offers temporary numbers for registering on apps like PingPong. They can accept SMS messages, allowing you to finish the security checks during account creation without using real data. In the following section, you will explore purchasing and using the temporary numbers from SMS-Man to set up the PingPong login.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number For PingPong Login?

A virtual phone number from SMS-Man allows obtaining text messages online without a SIM card. They can help complete verification processes during account signups, like in PingPong. Using a virtual number, you can keep your privacy intact while meeting their requirements and ensuring your data is not exposed or overused.

Virtual phone numbers from SMS-Man help receive verification codes to complete the PingPong login setup. This is useful for keeping actual numbers private or managing multiple accounts. These numbers work like regular ones but are for short-term use, offering a one-time solution for verifications without long-term risks.

These numbers are accessible globally, offering a worldwide solution regardless of location, important for international platforms that need phone verification. Numbers from various countries help comply with local regulations, ensuring a smoother setup process. At the same time, you won’t be persecuted for using the local country codes. So, what is PingPong verification like with a one-time number? Let’s find out.

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The following guide will explain how to buy virtual phone number for PingPong verification:

  1. Join and log in to using e-mail or social media.
  2. Find the “Top up” option, then make a deposit.
  3. Select the available country and PingPong service.
  4. Click “buy SMS” to generate a virtual phone number.
  5. Locate it and copy it from the “History” section at the bottom of the page.
  6. Use it during the registration process and request a verification code.
  7. Go back to SMS-man to retrieve the message by clicking “get SMS”.
  8. Use the code to complete the PingPong login setup.

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