Create Coffee Meets Bagel Account without a Phone Number
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How to Create Coffee Meets Bagel Account without a Phone Number?

Create Coffee Meets Bagel Account without a Phone Number

If you do not feel that swiping candidates is right for you and prefer more thoughtful and high-quality searching of a person on dating apps, think over registering a CMB account. This dating app gathers much data on a user’s personality and views to analyze them. So you will not have to waste your time on those who do not suit you.

However, to keep the community “clean”, the service takes measures to battle with bots, including a requirement to verify the identity while registering. For that, one will need a phone number.

In this reading, let’s find out how to verify on the CMB dating app with a one-time virtual number. But first let’s delve deeper into the app’s key opportunities and differences.

Coffee Meets Bagel

What is Coffee Meets Bagel?

What is Coffee Meets Bagel? Coffee Meets Bagel, or CMB is an online dating service that helps singles in looking for a life partner with curated recommendations from the app’s AI. The platform operates differently towards men and women. The core idea is that women are the ones to be selected, while men are those who select. Maybe, this is the reason why 60% of the CMB’s audience is women against 40% for men. Similar to Bumble, the CMB dating app prioritizes women to feel comfortable in the community.

The service was launched by three South Korean-born sisters in 2011 in San Francisco. So far, the app has managed to match around 2.5 billion people with over 50,000 being united.

Now, when we learned a little bit of how the app developed, let’s learn how it operates to assist users in searing the best matches.

How Does Coffee Meets Bagel Work?

The main idea of the platform is to deliver an accurate dating experience for users and encourage them to build strong and long-term relationships. For that, the app’s developers decided to automate the first step of searching using algorithms. So that, during registration of a CMB account, the app asks users to provide as detailed information as possible on their interests, personality traits, core values, goals in relationship, education degree, current job occupation, etc. After thoroughly analyzing the data in user profiles, algorithms find relevant candidates (so-called “bagels”) and gather them under the ‘Suggested’ tab. Men see 21 bagels while, for women, there are only 5 curated matches. This kind of approach helps make the searching process more accurate and specific. So that they do not need to waste time on someone who is not suitable for them.

Besides, the CMB dating app offers you to see more users in the ‘Discover’ section and check ‘Likes You’ to observe someone who already confirmed their liking for you.

To reduce the awkwardness of making a first contact with a yet-stranger, the app encourages users to utilize really helpful ice-breakers. Also, it fosters moving from virtual chatting to real life dating with the Seven-Day Chat Limit feature.

Moreover, if you are one of those who is eager to receive unlimited suggestions, rewinds, and see if their messages were read (with some more amazing extra features), think over buying the Premium CMB profile anytime.

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What is CMB in Terms of Privacy of User Data?

As for privacy of user data, the CMB dating app has been linked to at least one high-profile user data leakage. In 2019, it became known that between the end of 2017 and mid-2018, a malicious actor gained access to part of the app’s user data. Namely names and email addresses. This leak affected more than 6 million users of the app. Later, the developers reported that the actor also could partly steal the user gender and age.

After this incident, the developers assured users to strengthen measures to protect the servers. However, the scammers still find other ways to reach out to user data to interfere with its privacy.

Furthermore, hackers attack not only the platform’s servers, but they also target directly user accounts. The reason is that online dating apps today are one of the most preferred platforms for online scammers. The reason is that in chats, it is convenient to ask for money transfers, share personal and even payment data. All without being suspected of fraud. So if you receive a message like this from a user of the CMB dating app, be sure it is a scam: don’t be fooled into sending money or personal information. Besides, if you realize that you happened to be on a date with a scammer, leave immediately and report them to Support. Besides, block them in other messaging services.

Moreover, to make sure that the community consists of real people only, the CMB app also asks the identity verification. After that, every CMB user needs to turn on two-factor authentication. For these purposes, to submit a phone number is a requirement that you cannot bypass. Sure, if you do not know about the special tools.

How to Create Coffee Meets Bagel Account without a Phone Number?

Leveraging virtual phone numbers is a proven method to mask your real identity while registering on one or another app. Be it a messenger, social network, email provider, ecommerce platform, or some other online services. It is also suitable for creating a CMB account. A virtual phone number is able to receive a verification code just like traditional cellular phone numbers. But, with the first one, there are obvious advantages.

Obtaining a virtual number doesn’t require you to submit any POF documents. Also, it allows you to utilize the tool with no need to open up your real physical location and device you are applying it on. Thus, virtual numbers serve as a tool for significantly enhancing one’s anonymity. This is dramatically important on today’s web where every website does not hesitate to gather your personal data and track your movements.

With SMS-Man, you will eliminate the necessity to disclose your private phone number to register in over 3000+ platforms worldwide. Virtual numbers from 190+ countries are available.

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Here is how it is possible to purchase a virtual phone number for a CMB profile in a few steps:

  1. Register on or join via social media.
  2. Deposit funds to the account balance via VISA or the suitable payment system.
  3. At ‘Receive SMS’, select for the service and the country by clicking ‘Purchase’ (for the CMB dating app, the US number is optimal).
  4. Scroll the screen to get down to ‘History’: there you will find the number.
  5. Copy it and submit it to the CMB page.
  6. Return to SMS-man and request an OTP by clicking ‘Get SMS’ next to the number.
  7. Utilize it as intended.

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