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How to Use Quikr App without a Phone Number?

Quikr App without a Phone Number

Quikr app provides an Indian marketplace for buying or selling products and services. It focuses on connecting buyers and sellers online, ensuring a swift and efficient trading experience. Quikr offers extensive categories such as real estate, automobiles, jobs, and services, available in multiple cities nationwide

The platform enables individual and corporate transactions. Users can post free ads in various categories, making the Quikr app accessible to a wide audience, including small businesses and individual sellers. This approach promotes an environment where almost anything can be traded, from household items to real estate and vehicles.

What is Quikr

What Options Does The Quirk App Provide?

Registering on this marketplace is essential for a more personalized experience. It allows you to manage postings, interact with buyers and sellers, track ad status, and receive updates related to your activities. The account also enhances security by enabling identity verification and safe transaction management, crucial for building trust and credibility.

Quikr account system includes features like QuikrNXT, allowing you to communicate and negotiate deals without sharing personal contact details. This service helps maintain privacy and ensures transaction security. The account also offers access to promotional opportunities and the ability to feature ads more prominently for better visibility.

Moreover, upon authorization, you can improve the experience with tailored services, secure transaction capabilities, and efficient activity management when you buy or sell on Quikr. The app supports practical trading and contributes to a safer, more trustworthy online marketplace.

To start using Quikr, understanding the platform’s full range of opportunities and account functionalities is crucial to maximizing your experience. The section below shows why this marketplace features a potentially uncomfortable Indian phone number requirement.

Do You Need Phone Number for Quikr Account Registration?

Quikr app requests an Indian number during registration for several reasons, mainly identity verification through an OTP (One-Time Password) system. This method ensures user authenticity, enhancing the trust and payment security on the platform. Phone verification helps them prevent fraud and other unfair practices.

Additionally, the phone number is essential for communication. Quikr uses it to notify users about account activities, such as updates on posted ads, transaction statuses, and messages when you buy or sell on Quikr. This direct communication channel is vital for timely interactions, improving the platform’s overall experience.

Creating an account with an email address only may restrict the platform’s full functionality. For example, features like ad posting and transaction notifications heavily rely on mobile verification. If you do not provide a number, it may limit your options to use its features fully.

For those reluctant to disclose their contact details when they register Quikr profiles, SMS-Man presents a solution — temporary numbers. They are capable of receiving OTPs, thus removing your contact info from the registration. Below, this article will outline the options that these numbers offer, as well as the steps to purchase and utilize them. 

Quikr registration

How to Register Quikr Account without a Phone Number?

So, what is Quikr like when registering with a temporary phone number? They allow users to bypass the standard mobile verification process by generating a temporary phone number that can receive SMS messages online. This feature allows users to keep their contacts separate from their business transactions on Quikr.

This method enhances security and convenience, especially for those who register Quikr accounts multiple times or sell in various categories on Quikr. Temporary phone numbers stop operating after the first use, reducing the risk associated with sharing personal contact details online. They simplify the management of several accounts while maintaining effective separation from personal communications. To start using a temporary phone number from SMS-Man for your Quikr account, all you need is a stable internet connection.

virtual phone number

The step-by-step guide below will help you do this as easily as possible:

  1. Register and log in at
  2. Fund your account using the “Fund my account” section.
  3. Click “Buy SMS” to return to the home page.
  4. Select the country India and the Quikr app, then click “Buy SMS”.
  5. Find and copy the generated phone number in the “History” section.
  6. Enter it to register in the app and request an SMS.
  7. Go back to SMS-Man and click “Get SMS”.
  8. Enter the confirmation code and complete the registration.

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