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How to Create Found Bank Account without a Phone Number?

Create Found Bank Account without a Phone Number

If you are looking for an excellent digital solution to track and manage your expenses as a freelancer or a one-person business owner, try out to join Found Bank app.

The service offers really helpful functionality for self-employed individuals. Well, what are the features, and how not to compromise your mobile number when signing up for Found Bank? Let’s examine these topics further.

What is Found Bank?

What is Found Bank? It’s a business checking account that allows you to manage expenses and taxes. One of the best features is that, with Found, you have no need to juggle multiple apps with paid functionality. Since, within the single app, they provided all the features so that small business owners as well as freelancers and other self-employed individuals can feel as much financial freedom as possible. Among other benefits, the app asks no monthly and hidden fees, allows users to open deposits with no minimum amount required, and simplifies managing expenses by putting them into the so-called “Pockets”.

Another important thing for the Found account holders is that Found is not a bank itself, but a financial app that delivers financial services through the partnership with Piermont Bank. The bank is an FDIC member. Moreover, since the company does not maintain physical branches, in case of troubles, reach their support in the live chat or via email. Though, it is not available 24/7.

Well, after the basic information about the app, let’s find an answer to the question “What is Found?” When it comes to the core functionality? Let’s find out. 

What is Found Bank

What is Found in Terms of Features for Freelancers and Small Businesses?

Here is what self-employed people and owners of small companies find the most beneficial when they decide to join Found Bank and start a basic account:

  • Divide your business expenses from personal expenses. With the Found Bank app, it will become easier to differentiate your company’s expenses from the personal ones.
  • Access a physical debit card for your business — with up to 10 virtual cards available. The physical card will be delivered in a few business days, while the virtual ones are available right after the registration is complete.
  • Track your write-offs. Moreover, the Found Bank app automatically fills Schedule C and 1099 tax forms, so you will not have to do it manually anymore. With handy templates, copying the numbers and send the form to your accountant is all you need.
  • Organize your business expenses by categorizing them under the appropriate names. Thus, it will be easier for you to navigate and manage your expenses.
  • Automatically count the tax bills. After you complete the Found log in, after every purchase and payment that you get for provided services, you will receive a notification on how much you need to pay to the IRS.
  • Automatically save for taxes. After every purchase or receiving a payment from your client, the app will transfer the appropriate % of money into a Tax Savings Account. It is especially helpful when there is a necessity to pay quarterly taxes.
  • Send an unlimited number of invoices. In addition to it, the app also allows you to customize it with your brand logo and color scheme.
  • Remind your clients if they forget to make a payment. You can set up an automative reminder for your customers, so that you will not have to run after payments anymore.
  • Seamlessly integrate with external apps like PayPal, Stripe, eBay, Etsy, and many more. In addition to built-in features, the app offers a vast number of integration with external business tools so you can access all needed services from one dashboard.

Found Bnak app

Paid Functionality of a Found Account

In addition to its core functionality, Found Plus for $ per month offers even more amazing features, including:

  • Pay taxes right within the service. It eliminates your worries to miss deadlines and reminds to pay the penalties to IRS in case of missing.
  • Set up custom categories, so it will become easier for you to track and manage your business expanses (as a free user, you can use only pre-set “Pockets”).
  • Earn competitive interest rates with 1.5% APY on your account balance (the balance limit is $20,000).
  • Conveniently import expenses from receipts by taking a photo of them, and more.

How to Join Found Bank App?

The registration procedure to join Found is pretty standard for online banking services. The required data include your legal name and address, SSN, tax filling status, estimated income from your company, email and phone number. Regardless of your business structure, Found will be a good solution. After you complete the Found log in, the app will ask you to add your EIN which is optional, though.

When you finish registration, you can order a physical debit card to receive it in a few business days. Though, a virtual card is available when a physical card is on delivery.

Phone Number for Found Account

If you are looking for an option on how to avoid exposing your private phone number but still join Fond Bank app, leveraging a one-time virtual number for getting an OTP will be just right. Among other things, it allows you not to open up your real geolocation and not proving your identity. This is how it helps you enhance the level of data privacy and anonymity both on a certain platform and throughout the entire web.

These phone numbers are perfect if you need to reach a platform that is restricted in your country. Moreover, it will suit for registering a service that asks for a local number only. (The good example here is almost any Chinese app, like Baidu, Doyuin and others).

The SMS-Man is one of the prominent vendors, providing temporary virtual numbers for 3000+ supported platforms and apps. With its numbers, you can virtually register from one of 190+ supported countries regardless of your actual location.

virtual phone number

So, further, check the quick guide on how to obtain a virtual phone number for Found Bank further:

  1. Join via e-mail or social media account.
  2. Replenish the account balance with a few US dollars or an available cryptocurrency — depending on what suits you best.
  3. To obtain a number for the Found Bank app, select the service and the country on the homepage, click the “Buy” button.
  4. Then, load the banking app and apply the copied virtual phone number.
  5. To request the code, get back to your SMS-man account and click “Get SMS”.
  6. Apply the OTP and complete the Found log in.

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