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How to Sign Up for Tango Live without a Phone Number

Sign Up for Tango Live without a Phone Number

What is Tango Live? It’s a fast-growing mobile app from the USA. It combines the features of a messaging platform with chatting, streaming, and more. Its developers offer the entire social media experience in one app. It’s used mostly in Europe and the United States, but also in some Asian countries.

The service provides a versatile and comfortable user experience. You can call, post, chat, and stream virtually anything here. It’s similar to other messaging services, but it has many advantages regarding its format and structure.  Sign up for Tango if you want, but get a gist of these features first.

What is Tango Live?

What is Tango Live Feature-wise?

It’s comparable to competing services like TikTok, WeChat, and Instagram that operate via similar models. Tango unites many features of these platforms, creating an all-encompassing experience. There are many factors that make Tango a unique instant messenger/live streaming service and reach a broad audience worldwide.

What is Tango Live Feature-wise

So, what is Tango benefit-wise? Here is the list of its top features:

  • Fans can send you ‘diamonds’ as gifts when you live stream. You can cash them out via Payoneer.
  • Messages and feed sections let you post status updates, publish announcements, share video content and photos, and communicate with individuals.
  • Various formats and features improve the live streaming experience: battles, audio-only streams, premium broadcasts, and public/private streams.
  • The referral program allows streamers to earn from every person you invite to create a Tango account.
  • Many blocking/recording opportunities to improve your experience.

Features like reliable security measures, intuitive interface, or multiplatform access also play a role in engaging new users on the platform. Many businesses and influencers use the app. So, Tango is a good alternative to mainstream services.

If interested, consider downloading it to create Tango account. The most popular content genres are DIY, stories, music, sports, and education. The streamers offer a large collection of entertaining content from different cultures. The registration is straightforward and requires some private info, but there’s a way to bypass some of these rules, including the phone number confirmation.

Tango Account Registration 

The registration procedure consists of several steps:

  • Specifying your interests.
  • Selecting one of three options to sign up: Google, Facebook, or the phone number.
  • SMS verification, if the phone number method is chosen.
  • Completing the Tango account registration.

You don’t have to specify your interests, but if you do, you’ll get a gift. The phone number is optional too, but we recommend using this way to register if you don’t want to link your social media to Tango. It gets more beneficial if you remember that fake virtual numbers exist, allowing you to share basically nothing with Tango.

These fake numbers are absolutely permitted because the app won’t know the difference anyway. These auto-generated phone numbers help you avoid using the primary phone number for Tango registration. These solutions are known as virtual numbers, and here’s how you get one.

Can I create Tango Live account without a Phone Number?

Virtual numbers are cloud-based mobile numbers that require no hardware on your part. It’s impossible to know that a number is virtual, allowing you to maintain full anonymity. You can use them to various ends, including to create a Tango account without the regular number.

Services like SMS-man usually offer two types of these numbers: the long-term numbers up for renting, and one-time purchasable numbers that can receive the verification messages just as effectively. The prices and conditions vary from country to country and app to app.

The rented numbers are good for creating multiple accounts fast, while one-time messages are effective, dirt-cheap solutions. SMS-man provides both products, but we advise you to register using the message. It’s fast, affordable, and effective.

virtual phone number for tango

So, what is Tango registration like if you use a virtual phone number? Here it is in detail:

  1. Visit, register, or log in.
  2. Replenish your balance with some cash (<1$)
  3. Choose ‘purchase SMS’ at home.
  4. Select the country and app (Tango), pay up.
  5. Go to your profile, find the number.
  6. Submit it while registering, proceed to the verification phase.
  7. Tap ‘receive SMS’ in your cabinet.

Use your phone number for Tango to receive the confirmation code.

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