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How to Sign up for Kaidee Marketplace without a Phone Number?

Sign up for Kaidee Marketplace without a Phone Number

What is Kaidee in a nutshell? Kaidee is a Thai-specific marketplace platform that offers a wide array of products from countless categories, from cars to agricultural wares with delivery options. The website is designed for peer-to-peer trade, but companies can also sell products here.

The service appeared in 2011 as a small website. Today, Kaidee provides a place for commerce to 650K everyday users, who sell and buy thousands of products. Aside from the Kaidee marketplace, the platform runs three subsidiary services, offering real estate, auto, and job finder services, respectively.

Kaidee Marketplace

Kaidee Features & Benefits

The marketplace welcomes fresh visitors with banners about ongoing promotions and product categories that can be filtered by seller’s location, product condition, etc. Various products are present here; some can be second-hand or brand-new. The price appears on the product cards; users can add favorite items to a wish list or cart.

The Kaidee marketplace allows all users to make listings. Quality issues are possible, but visitors can communicate privately. Plus, if the product condition doesn’t match the expectations upon arrival, customers can report unscrupulous merchants and request a refund via a reachable support team. 

Marketplace fully relies on sellers in terms of delivery. Hence, international shipping may be unavailable. The merchants can promote their ads by paying a small fare to the Kaidee marketplace. So, the app has decent grounds for trade, proper administration, diversity of categories & payment options.

While the marketplace is the main, they have additional sections. Kaidee Auto lets users sell & buy used cars of various models, types & brands. One can check seller reviews published, talk to sellers or dealers, and negotiate prices & conditions.

Now, what is Kaidee Property feature-wise? The Property section contains thousands of apartment and house offerings from individuals. The visitors can discuss every detail by chatting and calling. There’s comfortable filtering by price, size, place, house/apartment, etc.

Finally, the Jobs section allows users to make their career dreams come true by finding a decent job among numerous positions. They are also subject to search customization, linked to job type, location, etc. All Kaidee sections need just one account. If you want to join, check below for detailed Kaidee registration.

Kaidee Features & Benefits

Kaidee Registration Process

This Thai marketplace offers two options for registration: via Facebook or mobile phone number. Both are fast, but if you have only the number at your disposal, or just don’t want to show your Facebook details, check this stepwise guide on registration via number:

  • Provide a phone number for Kaidee
  • Confirm the data via the verification code
  • Set up a username
  • Finish the process

The Kaidee account security is how the service can use the number. Nothing really depends on your phone data, it can be a fake or an unused number. The system will not ask any questions. Doing so for registration is smart, given that this will improve security without worsening your experience upon passing Kaidee registration.

Kaidee has not been caught breaking privacy rules but has good potential to do so. Marketplaces can mishandle phone numbers to spammers, companies, banking organizations, and a few. So, you better not let marketplace know about your real number.

The options for going around Kaidee’s requirements include spare SIM cards and online numbers. Additional SIMs are old school now; the virtual numbers might be your safe & cheap option to pass the Kaidee sign up without destroying your Internet anonymity.

Virtual Numbers for Kaidee Registration

Virtual numbers are a special piece of information, working like regular numbers but not requesting SIMs and documentation. This is pure cloud data, purchased as one-time messages or leased for long periods. These numbers are ideal for registering, being easy to use, handy, and cost-effective.

SMS-Man is a prominent distributor of these products. The text-only feature with no calls is offset by an extremely low price, with <$1 needed to purchase a message. 

virtual phone number from sms man

Here is how you buy one virtual phone number for Kaidee to receive a code:

  1. Join or get in using social media
  2. Find the ‘top up” option, refill your balance.
  3. Select Thailand as the country & Kaidee as the service.
  4. Click ‘buy SMS,’ add the number to your profile.
  5. Use the number during registration.
  6. Return to SMS-man to receive the message.
  7. Click ‘receive SMS’ near the number, use the code when asked.
  8. Finish up the app registration.

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