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How to Create Paycell Account without a Phone Number?

Create Paycell Account without a Phone Number

What is Paycell? Paycell is a Turkish mobile application that offers money-transferring services across Europe. It has common features of a digital wallet: budgeting solutions, automated payments, etc. However, the app is worth examining in detail, as it boats 7M users across Turkey, which is a lot.

Despite the application working primarily for Turkish residents, for now, Paycell is reportedly off for expanding into several other unannounced nations. For now, you must provide a UK, EU, or Turkish mobile number to start using the Paycell app. That’s inconvenient, but SMS-man knows how to help.

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What is Paycell Like?

Being a European-specific service, Paycell wallet offers its customers three currencies: EUR, GBP & TRY. The transfer commissions are fixed, equal for Pounds and Euros, with an example of 0,01-100€ charged with the 1,99 € fee. However, they can depend on the type of transaction & other info. So, that seems like customers can go below zero balance while using the application.

Alright, what is Paycell development team doing to make the payments all-inclusive? One can attach their credit or debit card details, conduct manual operations from their financial apps directly to so-called Paytop accounts and then point them out in Paycell, and make instant payments from the connected bank accounts online.

Each option offers a different level of speed & simplicity, with instant payments being the fastest one, and manual operation as the slowest. They have varying commissions and transfer limits; the detailed guide on each method is available on the Paycell app website.

There are several types of transactions on Paucell, like donations to charitable organizations, uncovered by fees. Users can view recent transactions, including recipient, amount, and date information details. Plus, all past recipients are listed separately for maximum convenience.

The developers offer four languages of the mobile application: English, Turkish, French & German. Paycell’s reachable and valuable assistance team accepts inquiries in each of these languages. Notably, they promise an increased number of supported countries & languages in the Paycell app. So, if you need a good financial application for transactions in Turkey & Europe, give Paycell a try.

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How to Make a Paycell Account?

Registration involves giving out a Turkish, UK, or EU-issued phone number, confirming the data & setting a password. Sounds simple, but it is part of a bigger process. They also want your name, country, city, nationality, and contact email. Then, provide an ID for validation to finish.

Why do you need to submit all this data to register a Paycell account? These requirements have to do with the regulations enforced by the Turkish government in an attempt to fight money laundering. By these laws, Paycell must keep the data for 5 years after you share it.

The application uses high-tech encryption, login confirmations, and additional security measures to keep your data and information away from third parties. However, their protection is not ideal, and the Paycell account data can get sold, hacked, or misused. Such episodes happened with most wallets, even the toughest ones like PayPal.

You can avoid submitting most of this information if you don’t feel right about their requirements. The personal number is subject to faking with its online counterpart when creating a Paycell account. You won’t need to go anywhere or submit your documentation, just check an overview of this product to explore it.

Virtual Number to Create Paycell Account

These numbers aren’t connected to any physical device and need no SIM to operate. You can buy them openly from web-based vendors like SMS-man, and the governments ban neither the numbers nor sellers. Plus, they can accept any nation’s codes, which lets you access the applications blocked in your country.

Now, what is Paycell registration with a virtual number like? You can use the help of SMS-man when creating an account by renting or buying a number for one message. You won’t be able to make a call from it, but you will pass the confirmation process.

virtual phone number from sms man

How? Let’s view the tutorial on buying a one-off number to answer:

  1. Check out, register an account, and log in.
  2. Replenish your balance with about 1 USD (enough for a number).
  3. Choose ‘buy SMS’ on the home page.
  4. Pick Paycell among 1000+ apps and Turkey, UK, or EU nations among 190+ countries.
  5. Find the number in the profile area and copy it.
  6. Specify it during registration, request the code in your SMS-man profile.
  7. Repeat the process to create more accounts.

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