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Can I Get ACKO Insurance without a Phone Number?

Can I Get ACKO Insurance without a Phone Number

Before answering that, let’s find out, What is Acko? Acko General Insurance is an Indian company hosting an application with insurance plans for many unpleasant incidents that can happen to you, from on-road injuries to theft or damage to your private property.

Also, platform adopted a digital way of selling its insurance products and taking care of user issues. There are no regional branches and paperwork. The company needs users to register an Acko login to organize their activities and provide services accurately. 

What is Acko?

Acko offers five types of insurance services, including Car, Bike, Health, Life, and Travel. The company is licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), and funded by prominent ventures like Amazon and Accell. 

Now, what is Acko car insurance? This category allows customers to reimburse their expenses for theft or damage to a vehicle. The policies vary by period, coverage amount & situations insured. Both the new and used cars can be protected, for policyholders themselves or third-party users.

Users can purchase bike insurance for different durations, coverage amounts, and situations. This is a separate category of Acko products because scooters and two-wheelers are particularly popular in India. But what is Acko doing to differentiate bike plans? Just like car policies, they are covered up on their blog.

There are health tariffs for individuals, families, and corporations that back up self-inflicted injury expanses, COVID-19 treatment, hospital bills, and more. People can pick offered plans or ask Acko for help if they are unsure. Plus, they’ll kindly ask which family members need insurance to suggest the best plans.

The service also provides the Acko login holders with travel insurance policies, including medical coverage, baggage loss, damage or delay expenses, flight cancellation/rescheduling, loss of wallet, etc. Before offering insurance, they ask how many clients will fly, when, and where.

The last product category, life insurance, is next in line. So far, they’ve been surveying users who want to purchase this insurance and asking them to leave a phone number.

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How to Pass Acko Registration

The Acko registration will allow you to submit new claims, check policy information, manage insurance programs, plus maintain the security of your money flowing through Acko. This helps them streamline the processing of new policies and find specific users when needed.

So, what do you need to complete the registration? Let’s see:

  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Full Name
  • Email Address (optional)

You will need to confirm the number, as well as email information if you link it to Acko login. They don’t publish user data openly, and they weren’t caught sharing or selling it to third-party organizations. Plus, the customers can check the privacy policy, FAQ, and terms of service to find answers to headaching issues.

Disregarding these calming words, you might still not want to share this information with Acko to keep your anonymity level high enough and stay safe. If it resonates with your desires, give a chance to virtual phone numbers, which can replace the usual ones when you pass Acko registration.

How to Use Virtual Numbers on Acko?

First of all, what are they? Virtual mobile numbers are a part of a digital technology that generates online numbers without SIM cards. No paperwork or hardware is required, so these numbers are perfect ghosts to the state and application where you register. Admittedly, this security comes at the expense of not having a call function.

SMS-Man is a major supplier of cloud-generated mobile numbers. This platform offers 1000+ applications where you can register numbers from 190 countries, including a phone number for Acko. You can rent or purchase it, with the former good for multiple signups, and the latter excellent for one-time registration.

virtual phone number from sms man

How to register using a purchased number? Here is step-by-step instruction:

  1. Visit, join by creating an account
  2. Add a small sum to your balance
  3. Choose ‘Buy SMS’
  4. Pick a number for Acko and a country.
  5. Check the history section, find a number
  6. Enter the number, ask for SMS confirmation
  7. Click ‘Get SMS’ back in SMS-Man
  8. Enter the code, follow the instructions.

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