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How to Create Rocketreach Account without a Phone Number?

Create Rocketreach Account without a Phone Number

Before you take off for the answer, what is RocketReach? Rocketrach is an online data searcher aimed at marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. The platform offers a fully automated system that allows you to find accurate & up-to-date contact info & eventually get sky-high success in customer generation, networking & recruiting.

The platform has already been showing its credibility daily for 16M+ members and covers information from 600+ million people. There are plenty of reasons for a RocketReach log in registration; they are going to be described right below, along with Rocketreach’s potential adversities.


What is RocketReach?

This is a data broker, using open data sources like social media, websites & databases and offering an intuitive interface for leveraging this information. 

Now, what is RocketReach searching for, in particular? Rocketreach software can potentially find any contact pieces shared on the web—phone numbers, emails, social media links, addresses.

The application has five specific products to help its customers use this data & refine their audience when flying out a new campaign:

  • Advanced Search
  • Chrome Extention
  • Bulk Lookups
  • Integrations
  • API Solutions

What is RocketReach advanced search like? The product lets users tighten down the entire user array to the relevant target audience according to industry, geography, age & more. Then, one can build a contact list & send out messages using the Compose app. The search settings can be recorded or deleted if needed.

RocketReach has a Chrome add-on. The solution offers plenty of options for networking & recruiting. With the extension, RocketReach account users can view structured lists of anyone who works in the company running this website, its funding, address, & extra info, or even full reports on online-shared contacts of selected users. 

One can also try bulk lookup solutions—just send a .csv file with hundreds of URLs and data pieces in bulk, and the system will organize it all and find the matches across the web via artificial intelligence. Additionally, they provide customers with tools to embed the software into their own apps & websites and access huge databases in their spaces.

What is RocketReach?

RocketReach Integration

Finally, what is RocketReach doing to integrate its software with other marketing services? They offer automated products that let users connect the contacts from RocetReach with CRM systems, databases, and lead management solutions of HubSpot, Outreach, Salesforce, SalesLoft & Zapier. 

RocketReach Subscription

You can access RocketReach’s services by purchasing a monthly/yearly subscription, including Essential, Pro & Ultimate options. The default subscription only includes emails, but you can add a phone number too. The three RocketReach account subscription versions differ only in the number of lookups per user.

How to Complete a RocketReach Log In

Registration is a mandatory procedure for all users who want to land on this platform. The process involves you providing the full name, password, business email. Later, you’ll be required to verify your email address via a RocketReach email and submit a US-issued mobile number. 

Both are used for notifications, payment details, customer support issues, & overall security. If you don’t feel like providing this information but still want to use the app, try workarounds, such as fake email addresses and virtual numbers. You can fake the name, too.

Virtual numbers are a safe, reliable solution to create a RocketReach account. They operate within a web space that doesn’t need SIM cards. You will not be charged by RocketReach or the government for using this number, as it cannot be tracked or banned. They can have any nation code, including the United States.

Virtual Numbers for RocketReach Account

A virtual phone number is the perfect solution for anonymous online registrations. They are valid for a limited period of time and can receive SMS messages from various social networks, messengers, marketplaces, dating apps and others.

The SMS-man platform offers a choice of two types: a one-time phone number and a long-term lease of up to 3 months. The difference is that in the first case you will be able to receive only one message from a particular service, but it is much cheaper than renting. So, if you are considering only registering with RocketReach, then a disposable phone number is what you need.

virtual phone number from sms man

So, here are the step-by-step instructions on how to buy a virtual phone number:

  1. Open, then register or log in to your profile;
  2. Deposit the required amount on the ” Top up balance” page;
  3. Click on the ” Receive SMS” button to return to the main page;
  4. Select one of the countries and “RocketReach” app, then click on “Buy SMS” button;
  5. Find your phone number in the “History” section and copy it;
  6. Start registering in the app and use your new virtual phone number;
  7. Return to SMS-man, then click ” Receive SMS” to get the code;
  8. Enter the code to complete your registration.

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