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How to Create Carousell Account without a Phone Number?

Create Carousell Account without a Phone Number

The Carousell app allows you to buy items and services or post commercial advertisements about them. This app operates both as a marketplace platform and a classifieds service with plenty of categories & search filters for members. There is also delivery, customer assistance service, multi-language support, etc.

Carousell aims at the Asian market, specifically Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan & Indonesia, where it has regional branches. Wherever you register on the Carousell app, the phone number is mandatory if you register by email address.

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The Carousell App Explained

The product and service selection on Carousell is enormous 30+ categories of advertisements, from cars to photography and job opportunities, each of them offering thematic subcategories. One can also find whatever in particular they want via a search function, designed to take keywords into account.

There are certified products, i.e. reviewed by experts, secured with a warranty, guaranteed by a moneyback option & even sold by the Carousell app itself, or items, published by independent users selling the products as they are. The certified items of some categories, such as electronics, cannot be filtered, for some reason. 

Each group has advanced filtering, showing people only desired products. For example, user-published phones can be sorted by price, delivery option, brand, model series, storage amount & more. 

Now, what is Carousell like, apart from the marketplace? The app lets the visitors search & reply for employers, business & lifestyle service ads, or even check the bulletin board with mixed ads from locals. To provide more relevant publications, the app requests the user’s location data.

Anyone can browse it without enrollment, but an account will be needed to buy and sell on Carousell. Check out below to learn more about it.

Carousell App

What is Carousell Account Setup Like?

The app offers registration by email, where you have to choose among supported countries, set a password & number. The reasons for requiring the last data they have highlighted separately—identity confirmation and thus enhancing community protection measures. 

An additional way includes a Facebook account; just log in & off you go. The first Carousell registration option takes effort but gives you a freer choice of which data to provide when registering. Plus, spare emails & numbers are easier to obtain than a new Facebook account.

Use online-made addresses and numbers. They need no third-party data, increased costs & you worrying about privacy. Location doesn’t matter either; both parts of data exist within digital space, while the virtual numbers can have any nation codes. Let’s take a detailed look at them.

How to Pass Carousell Registration via Virtual Numbers?

Virtual numbers by SMS-Man ask for no SIM cards, legal documentation, in-person setup, or something else. They’re friends with the law and TOS of the Carousell app. They leave no trace in digital, so even if they wanted it badly, there’s no way to track you. These benefits are balanced by no calling & texting—they only accept SMS.

Purchase the virtual mobile number on SMS-Man, or rent one. The difference lies in a single verification message for an acquired number & multiple messages for a rented one. SMS-Man suggests one-time numbers if you need a Carousell marketplace account.

virtual phone number from sms man

This tutorial shows you how to buy one:

  • Register on using your social media.
  • Replenish your balance via the ‘top up’ option above. 
  • Select the nation and application, then press ‘Buy SMS’.
  • Spot the number in your profile.
  • Copy it, and use while registering.
  • During the confirmation process, get back to SMS-Man and pick ‘Get SMS’.
  • Finalize the Carousell registration.

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