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How to sign up for Amazon account without phone number

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Living without online marketplaces would be way more difficult than with them. Every day many people use them to order various products at good discounts right from home. It is a cost-effective and convenient approach that saves a lot of free time other people spend on visiting local stores. But due to the trend of remaining as much confidential on the internet as possible, sometimes there appears an issue with registering on such platforms without a phone number. This is especially relevant for situations when it is necessary to sign up for Amazon. Check our article to find out how to get rid of that problem.

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How to make Amazon account without phone number?

Confirming a mobile phone number is obligatory when signing up for Amazon. This step is necessary to complete to verify the identity of both buyers and sellers on the platform. However, sometimes there is no opportunity to use a personal number for this purpose. It might be inactive, deactivated, or even blocked by the service for some reason. You also might don’t want to use it to remain private. That is alright and not a problem at all. Just use a virtual number for Amazon when signing up instead.

Such numbers are created specifically for those who want to register on diverse online services using no their phone numbers. They are available for activation over the internet through appropriate platforms and most often cost less than $1. It is definitely much cheaper than obtaining a spare SIM card from a cellular provider. In addition, this feature allows registering an Amazon account without phone number while being anywhere on the planet. You don’t have to live in a specific country to use it. Everything that a potential customer has to do is visit the appropriate platform.

Obtain a virtual phone number

One of those platforms is SMS-Man. It provides virtual numbers in almost all countries to receive one-time passwords for verification on different kinds of online services as well as Amazon. Using its solutions is available for everyone. You don’t have to be a programmer or have special knowledge of mobile technologies. The whole process takes completing a bunch of simple steps. We will explain them below so you are surely face no issues when taking a virtual phone number configured to sign up for Amazon:

1. Proceed to the registration tab at and sign up for a new profile.

2. Open the payment page and refill the balance with a convenient method.

3. Choose the required country of the virtual number operator.

4. Use the search option to find Amazon among other available websites and apps.

5. Take a virtual phone number by hitting the buy button.

Your virtual number will automatically appear on top of the homepage. You can also find it on the history tab that is located in your personal profile. Just copy it and proceed to the next step.

Sign up for Amazon with a virtual number

It is not difficult to activate a virtual cell number. This feature should be used just like a regular number that people operate with their mobile phones. So such a question as how to create Amazon account without phone number in this way might be resolved really easily. In fact, it is necessary just to:

1. Enter the purchased virtual number as a personal phone number during registration.

2. Request to it a verification text message.

3. Tap on “Get SMS” on our platform and use arrived code to sign up for Amazon.

It also would be great to use a VPN with a connection to servers in the country where the virtual number comes from. Most often online servers compare these parameters. If there is no match, the platform might not send a verification code for security purposes. So if you are not receiving it then make sure to fix it.


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