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Steps to being completely anonymous Grindr online


Grindr is a dating service for gay people. Colloquially speaking gay, bisexual and other members of the LGBT community can find a couple here on anonymous Grindr.

Grindr was originally a gay dating site. However, in the future, its audience has grown significantly, and today almost all people with a non-traditional orientation can find a soul there on anonymous Grindr (except perhaps for lesbians, there is a special application for them). In addition to the dating service, Grindr app has the functions of a social network, but they are rather limited – you cannot discuss any news within the application.

Gay anon Grindr

Privacy vs. anonymity

Anonymous Grindr looks like other dating services. You can view user profiles of gay anon Grindr, express your sympathy, put likes, chat, communicate, and so on. Search filters include parts like Photo Only, Face Photo Only, Online Now, Height, Weight, Desired Relationship, and similar familiar parameters.

By the way, many people think that anonymous Grindr is a Tinder clone. In actual fact, it`s not. Grindr was launched in 2009. Tinder is already in 2014, and it has a lot of the app’s features of anonymous Grindr. Until 2013, registration in gay anon Grindr was not required, it was enough to install the program – and you can start using it. Then you must use your e-mail, and now a phone number.

How do I create an anonymous Grindr account?

It is important to add that homosexuality is still stigmatized in many countries, including at the legislative level. For example, for the propaganda of non-traditional orientation, they may well be fined and imprisoned. At the same time, experience has shown that even one mention of the existence of unconventional orientation can be equated with its propaganda.

As a result, by registering on Grindr app, you should not give your real phone number. Still, no one can guarantee that incoming SMS is not tracked by the provider – or that some close people will not see the message from this dating service.

You can get a virtual phone number for registration in anonymous Grindr on our website. It costs $0,10. The number belongs to you, so you can use it to retrieve SMS passwords during 2-Step Verification with gay anon Grindr.

How to be anonymous Grindr online?

Gay anon Grindr is a mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. It is not officially available in Russia. Users of devices with iOS can change the country of their account or create a new Apple ID indicating the region where gay anon Grindr operates – for example, the United States.

People with Android devices do not need such complications. The installer (APK file) can be downloaded from open source repositories such as APKMirror, APKPure, APKMonk, and so on. Anonymous Grindr is also not available on the Russian forum for smartphones ( – for an obvious reason.

Another advantage of registering on anonymous Grindr with a virtual number

Like many other dating services, anonymous Grindr offers many premium features. For new users is available a free trial period, after that payment, will be required.

But you don’t pay, you can just register another account anonymous Grindr. There are enough virtual numbers on the site, even if someone wants to register a dozen gay Grindr anon accounts a day.

So you can use all the premium features of the gay Grindr anon app by spending only a few dollars (cheaper than a cup of coffee) on a new additional phone.

How to get number for Grindr for free?

You can do it easily in our new product — SMS-Man Free numbers Channel!

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