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How to Use Bolt App without a Phone Number

How to Use Bolt App without a Phone Number

Bolt is a European car-hailing app similar to Uber. It’s mainly used in Europe, where most Bolt drivers are. It’s unavailable in North America, South America, much of Africa and Asia. Bolt operates on a similar basis as Uber, with comparable features, benefits, and costs. It’s excellent for traveling in Europe and countries where Uber is unavailable.

Bolt is a useful app for places where Uber drivers are scarce. Likewise, Uber is better if a region has more Uber partners. Otherwise, personal preferences play a big role – the design, features, and comfort are different enough to create personal bias. Bolt is a major rival for Uber, especially in Europe. Uber dominates in NA, but the two apps often co-exist. Bolt’s registration process may be uncomfortable, though. 

bolt app 

Bolt App —  Features and Benefits

But what is Bolt doing to one-up Uber? Its services are similar, including cabs on demand, food deliveries, and car sharing. The big difference is region: Bolt is everywhere in Europe. It means plenty of good deals for European Bolt users, compared to Uber. Functionally, the two apps are almost identical. 

Bolt lets its users hail a registered, certified driver to get a lift. The destination is specified beforehand, and clients can choose additional preferences for comfort, even making specific requests. The client’s convenience is essential for Bolt. Like in Uber, every driver has a review-based rating.

Bolt solutions also include food deliveries and car sharing. As usual, European customers get the best deals, but Bolt isn’t restricted to EU or Europe. The app continuously expands, although unseating Uber or regional ride apps is difficult. The ride-hailing apps became increasingly popular in recent years.

Bolt is among the oldest such apps. They had time since 2013 to improve and grow momentum, meaning Western and Central Europe are deeply pro-Bolt. Their app has a comfortable design with clear navigation and a pleasant appearance. It’s user-friendly, simple, and overall saves a bunch of time.

Bolt App —  Features and Benefits

Bolt — Registration Process

What is Bolt registration process like? Registering as a client, it’s quick and simple. As partners (drivers, couriers, fleet partners, restaurants), the procedure is longer. It requires additional verification, documents, etc. Both partners and clients submit basic info, like phone numbers and email.

Sharing a phone number with an app is a popular contemporary practice. Most global apps demand one to prevent people from creating multiple accounts. The logic is: getting a new number to create a second Bolt account is too much effort. Supposedly, it reduces the number of mirror accounts and prompts existing users to behave well. It’s mildly effective, but it’s Bolt that benefits from such security, not clients.

The experience differs little whether clients submit a personal or someone else’s number during Bolt registration. This piece of data is never used in the core functionality. Therefore, using a primary, personal phone number to register is unnecessary. Removing it changes nothing, but clients can’t register without a phone number.

The next best thing is getting a spare, expandable number to register all your app accounts with. It’s not hard or expensive. Many people get extra SIM cards for this purpose, but virtual numbers are more suited. They are excellent: cheap, disposable, comfortable, and effective.

Buy Virtual Phone Number for Bolt App

Virtual numbers are just what you expect – functional mobile numbers purchased online. They are mostly used to receive messages, to great effect. The problem with SIM cards, for registration purposes, is the number of unwanted features to get for the full price of a card. Virtual numbers are cheap and only receive messages, excellent for creating accounts on Bolt services.

Virtual numbers are bought online in minutes. Vendors like SMS-man sell them in thousands. They are all active but require no hardware to be operated. All messages are forwarded to you. On SMS-man, you can rent a number with unlimited messages to create multiple accounts or buy a cheap, one-time virtual message. The latter is enough for a full Bolt registration.

virtual phone number for bolt
To buy one, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Sign up for with your e-mail or login via your social media account.
  2. Go to the deposit page from the menu on the left and make a deposit of the desired amount.
  3. Go back to the main page to choose the country of your phone number and the Bolt service to register.
  4. Then click “Buy” opposite the selected application and wait while the system adds the virtual number to the “History” section.
  5. Copy it and use it to register in the Bolt app, then wait for an SMS confirmation code.
  6. Now go back to SMS-man and click “Get SMS” next to the phone number.
  7. Use the code you received to complete your Bolt verification.

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