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How to send a message in Telegram anonymously

Telegram messenger has a high degree of anonymity. But it all comes to naught when a user has added your account to their contact list. If you send a message to such a user, he or she will easily know who the message came from. But what if you want to send a message in Telegram anonymously?

If your interlocutor is not particularly clever, you can try simply changing your nickname in the messenger. But it is, to put it mildly, not much of an anonymity. The only way to send an anonymous message in Telegram is to create a new account.

However, it’s not always possible to have a free SIM card on hand to register a new messenger profile. Buying a new SIM card or a ready-made account to send anonymous messages to Telegram is not very cheap. It is much cheaper to buy a virtual number to register with Telegram.

How to write an anonymous message on Telegram

Signing up for messenger with a virtual number is virtually no different from creating an account with a SIM card. The only difference is the price. For example, in the “Sms-man” service, you can buy a virtual number for Telegram for only 12 rubles. For this money, it is possible to create a new account and send anonymous messages in Telegram in any quantity.

Another thing about is that you can choose a mobile operator. There are numbers from the US, Russia, Ukraine, the UK and other countries around the world. It becomes possible to send anonymous messages to Telegram on behalf of a foreign user.

Deposits on the site can be made both in rubles and dollars via different payment systems, which allows using the service comfortably in any country. The procedure of getting the number is very simple and takes minimum time, which is important when you need to urgently send sms in Telegram anonymously.

Below we will consider in detail how to quickly buy a virtual number to register an account and send anonymous messages from it.

Отправить смс в телеграмм анонимно с нового аккаунта

Texting anonymously to telegrams from a new account

To begin with, you will purchase a number to register in the messenger service “Sms-man“. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go through the registration process at

2. Making a deposit via a convenient payment system.

3. on the home page, choose the country you want to register. It is this country code that will appear in your future account number.

4. Find the Telegram messenger among the list of all services below.

5. Purchase a virtual number.

6. Now enter this phone number when registering in the messenger. It is important to use the mobile version of Telegram, otherwise you won’t be able to receive sms

7. After that, go back to the main page of and click “Get sms” After that, paste the code in telegram

Once we have a new account, it is possible to send anonymous messages via telegram in chats, channels or to friends without any problems.

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