How to get subscribers on Instagram through targeting and recruiting
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How to get subscribers on Instagram through targeting and recruiting

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In this article, I will briefly talk about how targeters increase the number of subscribers, what is important to know about targeting for subscriptions and talk about the most common mistakes.

Classic. Recruiting subscriptions through the “Traffic” target in the ad cabinet

Now these ads are almost impossible to find, for 2200 characters and one picture in the ad had to convince people to subscribe. The method is almost extinct because of the prohibition to place the call to “subscribe” in the creative.

The main disadvantage of the method was that the Facebook algorithm could not technically count subscriptions, only clicks. It was impossible to do full-fledged analytics. Now this method brings subscriptions starting at 30 rubles. And most importantly, the campaign was optimized for clicks, not subscriptions, therefore showing ads to people who were most likely to click on the ad (rather than subscribe). Instagram through targeting subscriptions.

Innovative. Recruiting subscribers through Instasub and Instateleport services.

You’ve probably met them before, you’re offered to pick up free stuff (lead magnet) after you sign up for an account and the service verifies it. When the services first appeared, my colleagues resented: “a lot of unsubscribes,” “audience of freeloaders. But over time it became clear how good this tool is, and how to avoid the audience of freeloaders:

The lead magnet must be of interest to your target audience. The method is ideal for expert blogs, if you are recruiting subscribers before the launch of training. Lead magnet must be directly related to the theme of the course (highlight the main problem that your training solves, break it into subtopics. Make the lead magnet so that it helps to solve part of the problem that the course solves), so you get to the account only people interested in your infoproduct.

Another significant advantage of this method is that you can give out lead magnet bot in a messenger (ie, we simultaneously get a subscriber and immediately put it in the autofunnel and warm through the posts and storis + emails in the autofunnel)

The services use a special page where you can set up a pixel and track how many people got your material for subscribing. This is a huge plus, because we have access to the goal “Conversion” in the advertising cabinet, and therefore optimization. You can conduct analytics on advertising directly in the account, this is what makes this method much more effective.

When using this method, the price per subscriber in some niches will be less than 10 rubles. I use it in almost all of my client projects and will soon be recruiting subscribers to my autofunnel using the same method. Of the disadvantages of the method can be noted only that it is technically more complicated. You have to adjust the conversion rate and bind the domain to the service.

How to sign up for Instagram without phone number?

The most convenient way is to use a website providing virtual telephony services. More to the point, you can create an unlimited quantity of such pages. To get a temporary virtual number for receiving SMS, use We chose this service for a reason – it offers the cheapest and most convenient method to login Instagram without phone number.

One account in this social network will cost about $0,2, which is much cheaper than the price of any regular SIM card. In fact, you will get not just an additional profile, but also absolute anonymity. Instagram through targeting and recruiting subscriptions.

How to use

1. Go to the main page of this SMS service and sign up.

2. Go to the payment section of the menu and deposit your account.

3. Select the suitable country, to which the operator is linked, then choose the Instagram service on the main page. Then click “Buy” button.

4. It’s done! Now it’s in your personal account.

So, you have become the owner of a virtual number you can successfully. Use to sign up to Instagram without phone. To do this, open the social network and enter the virtual number into the corresponding line. Return to and click on “Get SMS” in your personal account. The activation code will appear next to the column “SMS”. The entire process will take no more than 2 minutes.

You can also rent a virtual number for a specified period, with its help you can repeatedly receive SMS, and create accounts on various sites.

Advice: If you are going to use the same computer for multiple accounts, it is better to apply VPN servers, so that the security system of the social network does not detect that the same IP address is used for a large quantity of pages. Instagram through targeting and recruiting subscriptions.


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