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How to restore Amazon account without phone number?

restore Amazon account

It might be important to restore Amazon account as soon as possible. Being profile inaccessible is harmful to business since in this case, it is impossible to accept and send orders. It also brings nothing good for the buyers. A blocked account cannot be used for ordering goods. In this article, we will consider all reasons that cause such an issue and explain how to restore or create a new Amazon account without a phone number.

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Amazon account blocked: possible reasons

Finding out that your Amazon account has been blocked is definitely not a good situation. Recovering it takes time and resources while all the trading features stay unavailable. But before trying to restore an account it is important to find out what has caused the block. In the case of Amazon profile there are plenty of possible reasons:

  • Logging in or using a profile with completely different IP addresses;
  • Providing fake personal information while signing up for an account;
  • Placing too many orders;
  • Receiving a lot of return requests;
  • Manipulating with gift cards.

These are the main and most common reasons that make people search for how to restore their Amazon accounts. Surely there are more. In reality violation of any point of the conditions of use may easily lead to a block.

Is it possible to restore Amazon account without phone number?

In order to restore Amazon account should open an account recovery page knowing their password or having an access to their phone number. It is possible to recover the password by entering the verification code sent to the email address. Though if an email address is not available then the only option left is to use a mobile phone number. So it is possible to recover Amazon account without a phone number. But the probability of success, in this case, is minimal.

How to restore Amazon account with a virtual number?

It is not always possible to use own phone number for account recovery. But there is no problem. You can buy Amazon virtual phone number for just $0.15 and use it for solving any issues with both seller and buyer profiles on the most popular online store in the world. Here is how it works:

1. Complete the registration process at and log in with a created account.

2. Use a suitable payment method to replenish the balance on the platform.

3. Purchase a virtual phone number of a certain country for Amazon from the homepage.

4. Enter the received phone number on the Amazon registration or account verification form.

5. Switch back to our platform, press the “Get SMS” button and reveal a text message.

This is how anyone can get a virtual phone number for Amazon within a few simple steps. You can use such a service for going through account registration, verification and recovery procedures. There is no practical difference at all and the price is the same in every case.

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