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How to unlock Steam in 2022

Select the I dont remember my account name option In the next window you will be prompted to enter the data that you remember

Found your Steam account locked? We’ll help you figure it out and show you how to unlock your account.
The first way is if you forgot your account name. Run Steam, and then click “Recover Password” in the window that appears. This option will always help you get your stolen account back. Then a small menu will open. Select the “I don’t remember my account name” option. In the next window, you will be prompted to enter the data that you remember. Now you just have to wait for the name of the account, and then log in.

True, this is far from the most appropriate way that can help you get back a stolen account. For him, just like the last time, run “Steam”. In the window that appears, click on “I remember the name of the account. They should send you a message with a verification code. This combination must be entered in the application in the appropriate field. The answer to the question of how to restore a Steam account is as follows: now you will have to write the answer to your secret question.


How to get back a stolen account

Your Steam account was stolen? Your access will be restored only if you are able to prove your right to own your account.
You’ve played dozens of games and your account was stolen? If you want to get it back, you need to contact the Steam technical support department. Before you do that, you should prepare information that will confirm that you are the owner of that profile. The following information must be provided:
– Name of the hacked Steam profile.
– E-mail address of the mailbox to which the account was linked.
– If you made purchases through the PayPal service or bank card, you can provide cardholder data. This includes the first and last name, the last 4 digits of the number or directly id number in the payment system PayPal. This information will help in the recovery.

Once you have everything prepared, you can write to Steam. To do this, go to the site. Go to the “Support” section. In it you need to find the subsection “Account problems”, and then select the line “Return stolen account”.
Click the “Contact support” button. Next, describe your problem.
It is advisable to write in the letter as much truthful information as possible for the service personnel. Do not write to the support team several times. Not only will this not speed up their work, but it may also cause your profile to be blocked for spam.
Additional evidence may be a physical copy of the game. The license key is written on the box. Write your support ticket number next to it, take a picture of it, and attach it to your appeal. This will increase the chances of getting your account back under your control.

Unblocking Steam

If you blocked your Steam account yourself, you can unblock it via email.
1. Find in your email message from Steam service about deactivating your profile.
2. On the page that opens click on “Login and unblock…”.
3. Enter the verification code the service gave you when it was blocked.
4. Click again on “Unblock…”.
5. A message will appear telling you that the operation was completed successfully. Now you can do whatever you want in your account.

Creating a new account

As a last resort you can create a new account in this service. Since your phone number is already taken, you can use a virtual number to sign up. Use the services of Sms-man site, there you can buy number for registration on Steam from $0.27. Or get it for free in the Telegram channel.


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