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How to deactivate Tango account

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Tango is an app, mostly used for messaging, which is quite popular among teenagers. It was introduced to the world by TangoMe. A survey showed that this app has more than 200 million users. There are many messaging apps out there. But what sets Tango apart from all the others is the layered programming method and its features.

The features of the app are.

You have a video call feature, you can share your favorite music playlist, and you can listen to songs. You can also add filters and different effects during a video call. These fun features can’t be found in other apps. Some people may try Tango to hack the profile of others so they can spy on them.

Tango is completely free, which makes it the number one choice for many people. The ability to share photos and videos enhances the app. Like any other app, it has a few drawbacks. While most of them are minor, the lack of strict security can be a cause for concern.

If your child has the Tango app and you are concerned about their safety and the people they interact with, you can deactivate their account.


How to delete a Tango account

Perhaps for some reason you want to delete your account temporarily or permanently. However, this app does not allow you to delete your account directly on your device. This article will tell you how to delete your Tango account .

To delete your Tango account permanently or temporarily, you still have to go through a pretty “hard” period because there is no easier option that Tango offers. First, you need to follow the link to delete your Tango account “How to delete a Tango account”. , then fill out the form and send them to the publisher. Includes:

– Phone number (country code) (phone number)

– Full name (first and last name)

– Email address (optional)

– Country

– Specify why you deleted the tango

– Purpose of tango usage

– sex

– Which OTT service will you choose after deleting your account?

When finished, click Send to send the information

Account deletion can take 72 hours, be sure to uninstall the Tango app and reboot your device to complete your account deletion.

Note that to successfully delete your account, you’ll need to make sure that the information you send matches the information you registered with Tango. In addition, you need to make sure that you delete the Tango icons on your desktop as well and restart your device after submitting the form you filled out for Tango. Deletion requests will be processed automatically.

If you want to create an account in the future, you can use a virtual number. Go to Sms-man site, buy a number of any country and choose Tango service for registration. Use a virtual number to register, it will help you to stay anonymous on the Internet, and help avoid spam. Virtual numbers are much cheaper than real numbers and it takes you less time to buy a virtual number. You can also get a number for free in your Telegram channel.


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