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How to Register for TNT Express without a Phone Number?

Register for TNT Express without a Phone Number

First of all, what is TNT Express known for? This service is renowned as an international courier and logistics corporation, offering numerous shipping services. Originating in Australia, it has grown into a major transportation company, delivering documents and parcels.

Focused heavily on international shipping, the corporation enables businesses and individuals to dispatch shipments across borders efficiently, Consider the registration for TNT. It’s a top choice for global logistics solutions due to its expansive network that guarantees swift and reliable delivery to more than 200 countries.

What is TNT Express

What is TNT Express?

TNT Express delivery accommodates various requirements. These include urgent express deliveries, heavier freight options, and tailored services for unique logistical needs. This adaptability places it as a flexible solution for a spectrum of demands, from urgent to substantial freight requirements.

What is TNT offering, in addition to that? They provide an online platform where users can manage their shipments. It has tools for parcel tracking, obtaining shipping quotes, and accessing comprehensive guides. These online resources streamline the process for users, improving the overall experience by simplifying access to shipping services.

Moreover, it has joined forces with FedEx, one of the largest delivery companies. What is TNT achieving with it? This collaboration enhances each company’s offers by leveraging their combined strengths, ensuring a more extensive range of solutions and a more robust ecosystem for enhanced delivery.

They also present flexible shipping options, catering to occasional shippers and businesses. This approach ensures that frequent customers and those with sporadic shipping needs can effectively utilize their services per specific requirements.

So, why would you need a TNT Express account? This service remains a critical player in the courier and logistics industry, providing robust options to bring your parcel almost anywhere. Through its strategic partnership with FedEx, the firm continues to expand its service capabilities, ensuring it stands at the forefront of the logistics services industry. 



Phone Number For TNT Online Registration

For registration with TNT Express, a phone number is mandatory to facilitate contact and ensure security for account verification purposes. During signup, you must also provide your name and email. This measure guarantees TNT’s ability to communicate important updates or necessary information regarding your shipments.

What is TNT doing with your personal information? They treat it with high regard for privacy, utilizing it to manage your account, process shipments, and improve service offerings. This usage encompasses booking shipments, invoicing, and customer support while adhering to stringent data protection regulations to safeguard your details.

However, the requirement to submit a personal phone number for the TNT Express account may raise privacy issues for some. TNT’s policy may seem restrictive if you’re reluctant to use it. In such cases, employing a temporary number from a provider like SMS-Man could be a practical solution, simplifying verification without exposing real data.

For those considering a temporary number from SMS-Man for verification, subsequent instructions will guide you through acquiring and employing these numbers. This approach provides more privacy during the TNT online registration, complying with their demands without compromising you.

TNT Express Account Verification Through Temporary Numbers

SMS-Man’s virtual numbers provide a seamless way to meet TNT Express’s requirement for a contact number without revealing your details. These numbers operate online, enabling you to receive text verifications through their online platform. 

Virtual numbers are great for those seeking enhanced anonymity when completing TNT online registration. They can also help international users facing local verification challenges by offering stable and undetectable temporary numbers from numerous countries. They can seamlessly integrate with a total of 2000+ services.

Using an SMS-Man’s number is a straightforward and effective way around traditional phone verification methods employed by online companies. What is TNT doing with such numbers? They accept them as regular data. Once activated, they stop working, negating any risks of your disclosure and allowing SMS-Man to keep their price in the $1-$2 range.

For those ready to use a number from SMS-Man to register with TNT Express, the following guide will detail the necessary steps to acquire and activate the product.

virtual phone number

You will have a detailed answer to ‘How do I register for TNT without a phone number?’ in a few easy steps from here: 

  1. First, go to
  2. Then, fill in some funds through the Top Up button
  3. Pick ‘buy SMS’
  4. Select a number for TNT and any country from the service.
  5. Find it in the history.
  6. Add it when asked, request the SMS confirmation.
  7. Enter the SMS.
  8. Lastly, continue the registration process.

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