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How to Create Celcom Digi Account without a Phone Number?

Create Celcom Digi Account without a Phone Number

Being one of the leaders in the field of mobile services in Southeast Asia, Celcom Digi offers a wide range of features, including voice call, SMS, and broadband connection.

However, registering to the telecom provider’s website requires submitting a phone number to verify an identity. How is it possible to overcome this requirement? In today’s reading, let’s learn more about no-phone verification methods as well as the service’s main features.

What is Celcom Digi

What is Celcom Digi?

What is CelcomDigi? It is the largest mobile operator in Malaysia, serving more than 20 million users across the country. The company was created as a result of the Telenor’s merger, a leading Norwegian telecommunications provider, with a decision to strengthen its position in the South-Eastern market in 2022. It merged its Malaysian subsidiary Digi, part of whose shares the company acquired back in 1999, and a subsidiary of a leading Malaysian operator Axiata called Celcom.

As for Telenor, this merger became a way to build scale and profitable business and manage risks more efficiently in the Asian region.

To date, for the Digi account holders, the company offers Internet and digital services, mobile voice solutions, as well as mobile devices. Moreover, Celcom Digi actively supports development of IoT technologies, providing the relevant solutions to the market. As for the Celcom Life mobile application, it allows users to manage bills, subscriptions to various services.

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In addition, with Celcom Digi, you get:

  • Customer voice call.
  • Postpaid and prepaid mobile plans.
  • SMS messages.
  • Fibre home plans, including 5G home Wi-Fi.
  • Broadband solution.

Besides, users can enjoy the sports live streaming functionality, available thanks to the SPOTV NOW feature.

What is Celcom Digi in Terms of Key Functionality?

Both the web version and mobile app (which is called Celcom Life) allow users to do the following things:

  • Check the usage and details of the tariff plan you are on.
  • Check what other tariff plans are available for the Celcom Digi account users.
  • Get access to exclusive rewards regardless of whether you are on postpaid or prepaid.
  • Purchase Internet and add-ons.
  • Turn on roaming to have an endless opportunity to chat and browse whenever you are in another town or abroad.
  • Pay bills in one click.
  • Use the reload feature without logging into your account.

How Does the Celcom Digi Service Protect Privacy of Your Data?

Well, what is Celcom Digi when it comes to data privacy? Among other sensitive data of its users, Celcom Digi collects the whole range of account information. Among other things, it asks you to submit a mobile number, email address, billing information, and many more.

According to the Privacy Notice, the service assures to use it under the following purposes:

  • Personalization of the services. Based on your preferences, the system automatically recognizes and suggests the most suitable offers.
  • Safeguarding of the services. Celcom Digi conducts a credit check in addition to verifying each user’s identity to detect and eliminate malicious usage of the company’s networks.
  • Creating new offerings that are relevant to the user base. You can access the Celcom Digi services with the help of third party platforms to pay your bills, and/or obtain any of the internal services.

Moreover, the platform notifies that they can link a user’s personal data collected across different channels to simplify and make it faster to use the services. Also, there is an entire list of partners that the Celcom Digi service shares your sensitive data with, including roaming, financial, and marketing partners, as well as service providers, researchers, regulatory bodies, and more.

Besides, to strengthen safeguarding of user data from loss, misuse, or accidental disclosure, Celcom Digi assures that, according to legal agreements, their partners who process your sensitive data are obliged to protect it. What is more, they do train their employees on how to protect your data from unauthorized access.

For those who are worried about the privacy of their data, it is possible to fabricate some data such as a phone number. For registration of a Digi account, you can use a temporary virtual phone number instead of your private mobile number.

How to Complete the Digi Register without a Phone Number?

Disposable virtual numbers are a very helpful service if you want to omit your real phone number when registering to one or another marketplace, messenger, delivery service, etc. Today, providing your private phone number may be dangerous. The reason is that having it on hand, websites are able to collect the rest of your sensitive information, such as name and surname, email address, geolocation, information about your device, even your national ID number, and many more.

After having gathered your data, they build a fingerprint of your browser so that they can track all your movements on the web. Here is how they can see your most visited websites, favorite fashion brands, preferred books, movies, and music, and a lot of other personal information. Later, they use it for targeted ads that meet your exact queries and share your data with other companies, most often providers.

Thus, using a one-time virtual number for Digi capable of receiving OTP similar to cellular SIMs is a good solution. It will allow you to avoid compromising your real confidential data and maintain maximum anonymity. SMS-Man provides no-phone number registration in 3000+ online services with an opportunity to select any of 190+ countries available.

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Here is how you can complete Digi register without a phone number utilizing SMS-Man:

  1. Join via email address or Google+ account.
  2. Deposit money to the account balance: there are a few methods available, including VISA, Payeer, AliPay, crypto, and more.
  3. At ‘Receive SMS’, choose the service and the country. After that, click the ‘Buy’ button.
  4. Go to the bottom of the page to copy the received number and apply it to the Digi register.
  5. Return to your SMS-man account and click ‘Get SMS’ near the number.
  6. Use the OTP to complete verification.

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