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How to Create Prolific Account without a Phone Number?

Create Prolific Account without a Phone Number

Established in 2014, Prolific is an online platform connecting researchers with participants for studies. What is Prolific doing, specifically? It helps gather high-quality data for academic, market, and AI research. Institutions like Stanford and Oxford, along with organizations like Google and Cancer Research UK, trust Prolific for its thorough participant screening and ethical data collection standards.

The app engages its users in research activities like surveys, experiments, diary studies, and video interviews. They provide researchers with insights and data to advance their fields. But how does Prolific work, really? This piece answers that right below and goes a little further to show why it needs a phone number and how to avoid linking it.

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How Does Prolific Work?

Prolific offers users a chance to join diverse, well-paid studies with a minimum pay rate of $8 per hour. Participants can choose studies that match their interests and schedules, providing a flexible and user-friendly experience. What is Prolific doing by this? It lets visitors contribute valuable data and earn money conveniently, increasing their engagement and satisfaction with the platform.

It supports advanced study designs like longitudinal studies and A/B tests, including multimedia elements like audio and video. This flexibility suits complex projects, helping researchers gather detailed data tailored to their needs. Robust filtering and participant management tools improve the precision and quality of collected data.

What is Prolific like in comparison with ChatGPT? The latter excels in generating human-like text and retrieving information. It doesn’t collect data directly from users. Each platform serves distinct roles: Prolific focuses on human data collection, while ChatGPT excels in text processing and generation.

Prolific is a versatile and reliable platform for various research activities, offering valuable opportunities to researchers and participants. Creating an account and finishing the Prolific verification is crucial to accessing these benefits, ensuring an efficient and streamlined research process.

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Prolific Verification Explained

Prolific mandates number verification during the signup to uphold participant authenticity. This process prevents spam by confirming accounts are not operated by bots. Verifying phone numbers helps them maintain a safe Prolific sign in process and improve data integrity, essential for researchers who need reliable responses.

The phone number verification process is simple. Users select their country code, enter their number, and receive an SMS with a code. This confirms the number’s validity and its link to the users’s country. The service uses it only for verification, not marketing.

You can opt for a one-time phone number for Prolific from services like SMS-Man if you don’t want to share your info with the service. These virtual numbers receive SMS messages, enabling verification without revealing location details. This alternative helps those prioritizing privacy because they won’t need a SIM card or documentation.

Next, this piece will discuss using one-time numbers from SMS-Man for Prolific verification. This guide outlines purchasing and using it to complete the verification successfully.

Virtual Phone Number for Prolific

A disposable phone number from SMS-Man is an unique phone number used for one-time verification. For example, when registering for online services that require SMS confirmation. These phone numbers are temporary and expire after the first use. So, this product helps users protect their privacy by avoiding the use of personal phone numbers for online registration.

These services are useful for creating social media accounts, registering for trial programs, or confirming anonymous login to the app. So, what is Prolific registration without a phone number? Let’s find out.

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This guide will detail the steps to purchase and use a one-time phone number to complete the verification successfully:

  1. First, register and log in on
  2. Next, refill your balance (1 USD is enough).
  3. After that, find the “Buy SMS” option.
  4. Then, select the country and Prolifiс service.
  5. Once you have made your selection, press “buy SMS” near the required service button.
  6. Subsequently, find your phone number for Prolific in the “History” section.
  7. When prompted, enter this phone number in the app.
  8. Then, visit SMS-Man again and pick “Get SMS”.
  9. Finally, use the code and complete your registration.

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