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How to Register in Swiggy without a Phone Number?

How to Register in Swiggy without a Phone Number

Swiggy Delivery app stands out as a top food takeout service in India, providing various features such as restaurant and grocery deliveries via Instamart, and event experiences via Dineout. The app has transformed access to food and essentials, providing exceptional convenience. This article covers Swiggy’s features and guides on setting up an account without a phone number.

Swiggy connects you to over 280,000 restaurant partners in various cities. Users can scroll menus, make orders, and check deliveries in real-time. Upon registering a Swiggy account, you can enjoy its numerous benefits. It supports numerous payment methods, including Swiggy Money, a digital wallet in collaboration with ICICI Bank. 

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Features of Swiggy Delivery App

Swiggy integrates many features to make it easy for customers to buy food and have it delivered to their doorstep. The app allows you to search through numerous dining establishments and order food from several different categories.

Swiggy delivery app has a simple design, with a variety of navigating menus, placing an order, and even simplifying the real-time real-time delivery monitoring. In addition, Swiggy cycles through delivery expectations and does so efficiently even during busy hours.

They also have coupons and special offers. The app often gives personalized offers with products based on your preferences. By using these promotions, you get to eat your favorite foods at a lower price, saving your budget. Notably, the company also has a subscription service called Swiggy Super.

What is Swiggy subscription like? Subscribers can arrange free delivery of the food they order an unlimited number of times and get discounts at some restaurants from time to time. This service can help frequent customers to save money and time without going through all the procedures every time.

The ordering and payment processes are hassle-free, as well as the real-time order tracking at the Swiggy delivery app. It ensures a seamless checkout experience, which makes Swiggy very popular in India. Below you will find out why phone number verification is important for Swiggy when you sign up.

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Why You Need to Complete Swiggy Login With Phone Number

Swiggy needs an Indian phone number during the signup to ensure your safety and reliability. They’re concerned about the rise of bots and fraudulent accounts across the web, so they ask you to confirm a personal number. Additionally, the app wants to ensure all its users are Indian.

Additionally, you need to complete the Swiggy login with phone number because it improves communication. For order updates, delivery issues, or promotions, the app can contact users via SMS. This measure ensures timely information delivery, enhancing user experience and service reliability.

It also aids in account recovery. Some users may forget their login details or face access issues. In that case, a verified phone number allows the Swiggy delivery app to send reset codes and recovery links, ensuring continuous app access and account management.

Notably, signing up is possible without a traditional SIM number. Services like SMS-Man offer virtual numbers to receive verification codes, allowing users to complete Swiggy registration without revealing their real data. Next, you will have detailed instructions on obtaining these numbers at SMS-Man.

Obtaining a Virtual Number for Swiggy on SMS-Man

Virtual numbers from SMS-Man are temporary active numbers that only receive incoming SMS messages. These numbers can be used for one-time verification of accounts without a real number. If you need one for Swiggy registration, buy the product at SMS-Man, receive the SMS, and simply fill in the code into the required form.

These numbers operate without regular SIM cards and mobile devices. When you opt for such a number, you can select one of 2000+ apps including Swiggy, powered by one of 190+ national identification codes. Choose a number, and pay a small sum for it. The price rarely exceeds $1, which makes up for their limitations.

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 What is Swiggy signup like with a one-time number? Here is a guide to answer:

  1. Register to, then log in. 
  2. Add some funds using the “Top Up” section
  3. Select ‘buy SMS’, then choose the country and service (Swiggy).
  4. Copy the phone number in the “History” Section.
  5. Fill it in, request an SMS back in SMS-man.
  6. Confirm the SMS code
  7. Finalize the Swiggy login with phone number from SMS-Man.

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