Make a second Viber sign up account for $0,57

How to register another Viber account?

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Do you need a second Viber sign up? Read how to create it without wasting money on an additional SIM card. Follow our instructions to get it for $0,57 only.

Do you use Viber for both business and personal communication and often mix dialogs up? Then, you had better separate those spheres by creating an extra profile. So, can you have more than one Viber account? Certainly, but you will need an extra phone number for that as well. As you know, registering on this messenger requires linking a mobile number to a profile.

The first idea that strikes most users is to buy a new SIM card and use it for signing up. Yet, it is not so clear whether it is cost-efficient to spend such a significant sum of money on a number, which is needed for receiving a single message.

At the same time, on the website of the online store Sms-man, you can buy a temporary Viber number for receiving a registration SMS for $0,08 only. In practice, you are not likely to need that number for anything more so it is an optimal solution for you. As for its reliability, you have nothing to worry about – the messenger will accept a disposable number from our store with no issues.

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How to add another Viber sign up with a virtual number?

  1. Make a profile at

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2. Deposit your balance to create second Viber account via our source.

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3. Choose a virtual number for another Viber account with the help of filters on our main page.


4. Now, you can start the messenger and enter your disposable number – you can copy it from the tab “Request History” on our service (do not close it, you will return there in a minute).

5. When the messenger sends you a message with a verification code, it will appear on the page “Request History” as well.

6. Complete the activation procedure by entering the secret code and do not forget to scrupulously study the terms of use (to be on the safe side). Be sure to put a tick to confirm that.

Also, after you finish registering on this messenger, we advise you to look through the list of services offered on our home page. There is a good chance that you need extra profiles on some of them as well. So, we can provide you with virtual numbers for WeChat, Imo, KakaoTalk, and hundreds of other messengers, social networks, dating sources, email services, marketplaces, payment systems, etc.

More to the point, we recommend you use such temporary numbers for registering all sorts of profiles on any kind of online service. Today, the risk of hacking attacks and data leakages is so high that every Internet user should think twice before sharing any vulnerable information with any website. We suppose that you do not want your personal number to be published on open access and get spammed with unnecessary ads, do you? And that is just the best-case scenario.

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