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How to register another Viber account

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Do you manage both business and personal correspondence on Viber so it often becomes a mess? Or maybe you are subscribed to a lot of chats and groups and constantly getting lost among them all? These are only a few of many reasons to create a second Viber account. There is nothing difficult about that. However, as everyone knows, it requires having another phone number. Verifying it during registration is a mandatory step and it is not possible to register two or more profiles with the same number. The first thing that comes to mind is to purchase an additional SIM card from a cellular carrier. But there is a way more cheaper and time-saving solution.

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Temporary number for a new Viber account

Buying another SIM card seems to be the easiest decision in that case. It would be really so if there was no such feature as temporary phone numbers. They allow users to sign up for literally any online service. There is no difference whether it is a website or a mobile app. So they also can be used to register a Viber account. Using them is more reasonable than obtaining a new SIM card to receive a single text message at least because their cost is always less than $1 which is definitely cheaper. Moreover, it is not necessary to go anywhere to get and operate them. Temporary numbers work online through platforms like SMS-Man. In this regard, using this solution is not only cost-effective but also saves some free time.

Register multiple Viber accounts with temporary numbers

Before operating a temporary phone number you have to get one. Doing it with a good website or app that offers virtual telephony features takes completing not more than a few steps. With that said, it is possible to have 2 accounts on Viber in minutes and here is how to do it:

1. Proceed to and sign up for a profile.

2. Top up the balance through the appropriate tab.

3. Buy a temporary number for Viber issued in the required country on the homepage.

4. Launch the app and enter your number on the registration page.

5. Once the service sends on it a verification code, go back to our platform and click on “Get SMS”.

There will appear a code containing a few digits. Complete with it the verification process and access your new account on Viber. This is basically how anyone can use Viber without a phone number. In addition, it is not limited to how many temporary phone numbers each user can operate. So there is an opportunity to create unlimited profiles.

We do also recommend that you use temporary numbers to register accounts with other online platforms. These days the risk of hacking and data breaches is so high that every internet user should think twice before providing sensitive information to any website or app. It is less likely that you want your personal number to be published and flooded with unwanted advertisements and that’s only for the best case scenario.

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