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All about how to use fake phone number in 2022

fake phone number

Today all social networks have made registration with a mandatory phone number. All about how to get a fake mobile number in 2021.

All social networks, including social networks, have made registration with a mandatory phone number. This is very inconvenient if you need to create another profile, and there is only one SIM card. Buying a new one for the sake of registering with one service is unprofitable, and acquaintances or colleagues can refuse a request to use their phone number. In this article you will find all about how to use fake phone numbers in 2022.

All about how to use fake phone number in 2022

To avoid giving your real data, you can get a fake phone number for free and use it to register on websites or in social networks. However, there are certain nuances that are worth keeping in mind.

Fake mobile numbers are especially useful for creating various user accounts. With them, you avoid overly intrusive promotional SMS and calls. Before you choose such a phone number, there are a few things you should know about it.

  1. A fake phone number is used once. You receive a verification code and then the number ceases to exist.
  2. These numbers are not linked to personal data.

What you need to do before you buy a fake phone number in 2022

To buy sms activation you need to register on our website.

  1. In the registration form, enter your email and come up with a password.SMS-Man registration form
  2. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you and top up your balance.

How to get a fake phone number with SMS-Man website

  1. Go to the home page and select the country you want.
  2. Expand the list of services and use the search.
  3. Select the service you need.
  4. Click the “Buy” button.
  5. Use the phone number you bought in Hinge app.
  6. When the service asks for a code, press the “Get code” button next to your order.
  7. Copy the code and use it to activate it.

How to get a fake phone number with SMS-Man with application on Windows

If you want to buy numbers in bulk, we advise you to try our application for Windows. Here you can buy up to 10 numbers in one click!

You can download the app here. There you will also find instructions on how to download and install.

  1. Select the country, service, and number of numbers to purchase.
  2. Press the BUY button. Wait for the download to complete.

Now all purchased numbers are displayed in the table. You do not need to press the “Get code” button. The program itself will ask for a code every 5-6 seconds. If the Internet connection is bad, the code request may take up to 20 seconds. The “Attempts” column shows the number of code requests.

You can select your purchase by double-clicking to display it in the upper right menu. There you can cancel your purchase. You can copy the number and code from the table by double clicking on a cell in the table.

Now you know how to buy up to ten numbers with one click through our app. If you want to follow the news or contact application support, subscribe to our Telegram channel.

How to get a fake phone number with SMS-Man with Telegram bot

In recent years, Telegram has risen to the top of the list of the world’s most popular messengers. In this regard, it has become very popular to use Telegram bots. Our service gives you the opportunity to buy numbers directly in the messenger. Here are instructions on how to do it.

Then it’s very simple. Make sure you have money in your account and go to the bot!

  1. After you have passed, the bot will write you a welcome message, and then will wait for your API KEY, which you can see in your profile at SMS-man

2. After entering the API KEY, you will see an all-around keyboard that will help you buy the number

3. Let’s finally buy a number. Press “Buy number” and you will see a message that asks you to choose a country first. Click on the button and you will see a drop-down list that supports searching by country

fake mobile number

4. After selecting a country, choose a service. There will be the same drop-down list that is searchable and you can easily find the service you are interested in!fake mobile number

5. Once you have selected a service, the bot automatically sends multiple requests for 30 seconds looking for a number until it finds one for you!

fake mobile number

6. Now we only need to click “Get SMS” and get the desired SMS and successfully register in the service.

How to get a free fake phone number in 2022

If you want to get a toll-free number, we can help you. You can find promo code for one free number in the end of videos on our YouTube chanel. Promo codes have a limited number of uses. Stay tuned for more videos on our channel.

  1. Go to your profile on the SMS-Man site.
  2. Put your promo code in the “Coupons & Promo Codes” box.
  3. Click “Apply” button.fake mobile number

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