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How to create fake WhatsApp account without a phone

fake whatsapp

Despite the application’s intuitive interface, novice users may need instructions on how to sign up for a WhatsApp account. Having a fake whatsapp account is an opportunity to communicate with friends and business partners in 180 countries around the world. And most importantly, the ability to separate personal life from work. That’s why I will tell you how to create a fake whatsapp using the service sms-man.

fake whatsapp account

reasons for fake whatsapp account success

WhatsApp has never placed advertising in its application, nor spent money on attracting an audience. The messenger developers at one time decided to focus on creating an attractive product and relied on organic growth.

An important success factor was the ability to use the application even on outdated models of mobile devices with a weak operating system.

In spite of the fact that the initial idea was not to compete with mobile operators, the popularity of text messages among users led to a shift in focus.

People who were tired of satisfying the ever-increasing appetite of mobile operators eagerly transferred their dialogues to WhatsApp, which offered free service for the first year and asked only $0.99 for each subsequent year. Among a younger audience, the feature of creating a conversation with multiple people at once was particularly successful.

However, the key to the hearts of users was not the functionality and low cost of service, but the cross-platform nature of the application. With WhatsApp, you could send a message to a subscriber from any country using a device with any operating system.

Advantages of the whatsapp account

The complete absence of ads. surprisingly, there have never been any ads in the app or on the whatsapp website.

The app has no ads, but surprisingly, whatsapp has never had any ads.

Of course, today many messengers and social networks can boast of such a function, but WhatsApp was the first to do so. And the main thing is that you can invite over 200 users to one chat room!

Instant registration. just enter your phone number, get the code, and you’re ready – you have an account. everything is fast and convenient!

Instructions to create a sms-man account

  1. Go to and take a simple registration.
  2. Make a deposit through a convenient payment system in the appropriate currency.
  3. Open main page and select one of the countries for your virtual number.
  4. Go down below and enter the name of the service in the search box. in our case we create a fake whatsapp account. so it and we need to find it in the list
  5. Next to whatsapp service, click on “Buy”.
  6. After receiving a fake phone number for whatsapp account registration
  7. View the code received by pressing the “Get SMS” button opposite the fake phone number for whatsapp.

How to create a whatsapp account

To create an account and set up a profile in WhatsApp, you will need to perform a number of step-by-step operations:

Download the program whatsapp if you are on a computer or install the application if from a phone. But if you do not want to waste computer or phone memory, you can make a registration through the site. I will explain on the example of the site:

  • Go to the site and start registering.
  • Click on the command “Accept and continue” (to agree to the terms of service Votsap).
  • Enter in the appropriate box fake phone number for whatsapp.
  • In the upper right corner, click on “Next”.
  • Then confirm the entered information by clicking on “OK”.

It remains to wait for an SMS message with a six-digit code, which must be entered in the appropriate field. After the code is entered, the system automatically checks and confirms the phone number.


Then it is necessary to make the profile settings: to insert a photo, to enter the user’s name. At the final stage you need to confirm the specified information.

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