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How to get tinder unbanned in 2021

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How to contact tinder to get unbanned? Tinder is a popular dating site that can help you meet the partner. Banned from tinder can be very frustrating.

Tinder is a popular dating site that can help you meet the partner of your dreams. Banned from tinder can be very frustrating, especially because it comes when you least expect it. How to get tinder unbanned?

There are several ways to tell if there is a ban on your Tinder account before it is removed:

  • No geolocation searches. The app shows: “Try again later” Appears even with the location service connected. May be related to connection settings, so the user should first check Tinder working in the browser, via mobile data or another access point;
  • user can’t send a message. If messages aren’t being sent, also check your network connection and clear your cache. The account may be active but not working correctly or crashing due to lack of free space.

If none of the recovery options works when you check, then the page is blocked.

Tinder about

Reasons why you get tinder ban

The official Tinder community highlights the list of violations and actions that lead to account deactivation.

And the deactivation is not affected by premium status:

  • Erotic or sexual content. Photos that show a naked body or its hint of intimacy;
  • The user should not engage in or encourage others to engage in aggressive behavior using Tinder. This applies to the use of other people’s data, photos and distribution on social networks, sites;
  • Violence or causing harm. The category includes threats and intimidation, posting pictures depicting violent scenes;
  • Inciting intolerance and racism;
  • personal information. Tinder strongly discourages posting your own or anyone else’s information, which includes banking information, phone numbers and mailing addresses;
  • spam, advertising and scams, can also be a reason to tinder account banned;
  • Prostitution and human trafficking. Selling information about another person, offering to meet for money;
  • Use of other people’s photos. Dating site strongly recommends using only your personal data (photos, description);
  • The user must be of legal age to register and use the application;
  • using third-party applications or services for getting privileges in Tinder;
  • Within two years, if the owner has not visited the account, the profile will be deleted. The service sometimes deletes the account earlier, but this rarely happens. For example, if the user has not visited the page for the last six months or a year.

How to get unbanned from tinder

Write to the support service.

Contact technical assistance and restore your account in Tinder. There is no standard feedback form, and finding where to write is quite difficult for the inexperienced user:

  1. Go to tinder on your computer;
    Tinder on computer
  2. Click on the button “Contact“;
    Tinder go to "Contact"
  3. Go to the page “Contact Us“;
    how to contact tinder to get unbanned
  4. Choose “Trouble with account login” -> “Other problem with login”. And then describe your problem in detail and add an email address to get an answer.
    how to contact tinder to get unbanned

Customer service responds within 3 days. But only if the owner of the page has not committed any violations, and the account was blocked by accident.

Another way how to unban tinder

In the case of blocking, you can create a new page and register with a new number, mail address, through Facebook or Apple. Restoring an account, if you forgot your password in Tinder, is possible through the section: “Authorization”.

how to contact tinder to get unbanned

So, in conclusion, each social networking platform has its own rules, policies and guidelines. Likewise, Tinder does not adhere to rules, even if it is a dating app.
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