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How to register Amazon account without phone number?

amazon is the largest trading platform in the world by bulk and the primary rival of the famous eBay auction. Every day this on-line storehouse delivers more than 4 million products to 180 differential countries. It was the first corporation to begin marketing mass-market products on-line all over the world. And it rapidly gained tremendous popularity. We tell you how to create an account using virtual phone number for Amazon

Nowadays you can buy almost everything on the site: household goods, household chemicals, home appliances, information technology, even the car itself. Moreover, here you can both buy goods and sell them. This online store provides the user with his own virtual storefront and many tools to increase sales.

Is it possible to create more than one Amazon account?

Many people need multiple profiles to promote their products or for other reasons. Officially, you can create one page only, although just a few years ago it was possible to register 10-15 profiles. Now, to get verification amazon, you have to go through the SMS confirmation process for each one. But buying new SIM cards each time for this purpose is not very cheap.

создать и зарегистрировать аккаунт на Амазоне без номера телефона

On the Internet, you can find many offers to buy an Amazon account that has already been registered. Nevertheless, experience has shown that such pages do not last long and are usually blocked within 24 hours. So this method is not an option too, but your desire has not disappeared and you still want new accounts.

The most reliable, inexpensive, and proven way to create Amazon account without phone is to use a virtual SIM. A virtual phone number for Amazon can be used to get a registration code for a small fee. And you can be sure that you will get a login that will not attract any suspicions or unwanted attention from the administration.

How to get a virtual phone number for Amazon?

To create Amazon account with help of virtual phone number, use It offers to buy a virtual phone number for Amazon for 0.2$ only, which is much cheaper than prices on other similar websites. Besides, on this source, you can also create additional pages for eBay, Alibaba, Paypal, and other popular platforms. You can select a country to which the number will be linked. In general, this service is greatly useful and convenient.

It will take you no more than 5-7minutes to buy a virtual phone number for Amazon. So, here are the four simple steps you should take:

  1. Sign up for                                               
  2. Make a deposit to your account.                       
  3. Go to the home page, select the country you want and select “Amazon” in services tab and click “Buy” button.
  4. That’s all! Now, the virtual phone number is available in your personal account. Go to “Profile” and click “Get sms” button.
  5. Amazon account registration is complete when you enter this virtual number in the appropriate field. After the store sends SMS to it, go back to, open your personal account and click on the button “Get SMS”. Enter the code received in the registration form.

Using, you can create as many Amazon account without phone number and with help of this website you can create accounts in other trading platforms. For instance: Shopee, Vinted and e.t.c  You will have to buy a separate virtual number for each account for 0.2$. But it’s not so expensive for a full-fledged profile.
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