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What is SMS Verification and how it works


Hello all, in this article I will tell you what is SMS verification code, how it works and also how you can create an account right now.


What is SMS verification code and why you need it

There are only two types of people. The first type is the one who registers on various sites without any fear, for them it is not difficult to order online what they need. The second type are those who are afraid of fraudsters and making a purchase is a big problem for them.
Online shopping, buying airplane and train tickets have firmly entered our everyday life. Even when you are tired after work and do not want to cook, you are unlikely to go to a cafe, and just order home delivery. There is no need to be afraid of the Internet, you need to follow the simple rules of safety on the Internet, which will help not to run into scammers and keep your data safe.
First of all, carefully watch the address bar, when you go to the service site, even if you know it very well. There is a chance that malefactors will copy the site and try to take the data of the trustful users and then use them for the wrong purpose. For example, to sell them.

sms verification code
So, we came to the fact that you should be careful when entering your data on proven sites. If you are not sure of the service or do not want to leave your phone number or email, you can use a virtual number for registration.
There are more and more services which provide numbers for registration in services. One of them is SMS-MAN. Low prices and a long list of available countries will pleasantly surprise you, and support will explain all the things which remain unclear for you.

SMS verification code

Registration will take only 5 minutes of your time. After that you will need to fund your account using one of the available methods. At the moment you can recharge your account via bank card or cryptocurrency.
There are several ways to buy a number:

One-Time Phone Number for SMS:

You can buy a number for OTP account verification. Very convenient when you register a fake account and you just need to enter a verification code. The numbers are valid for 20 minutes during which you can get the code. If you can’t get the code, just click “reject” and the funds are automatically returned to your account.

Extended Room Rental:

There is also a way to rent a number for an extended period of 1 hour to six months. Very useful if you will be using the account on a permanent basis. Or you need to register an account for more than one service. The only disadvantage that exists at the moment, the number cannot be extended.

Buying virtual numbers through API:

The latter method will suit resellers or those who want to automate the purchase of numbers. To use the API, you can use requests in code. Or through our application, which you can download to your device.
That’s all, thank you for reading the article to the end read other interesting article:

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