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How to get Shopee account with virtual phone number


Shopee is an online marketplace operating in nine countries. How to create an Shopee create account quickly? Read the article below!

Shopee service

Shopee is an online marketplace operating in nine countries. Online shopping is available in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Brazil and Mexico. It’s an app that allows users to browse, choose and buy anywhere, anytime. The platform focuses on mobile and social elements, making Shopee a simple, secure and fast online shopping service. The marketplace has its own website, and you can also download apps for iOS, Android, and Huawei. In terms of appearance and usability, it resembles Aliexpress.

Shopee Features:

– the ability to shop online in a wide range of categories;

– easy to upload items for sale using your phone;

– more than 30,000 stores ship their products for free;

– no commission:

– seller ratings and reviews;

– there is a chat room, so you don’t have to call the seller in person;

– Transfer payment to the seller only after receiving the goods;

– Track orders from payment to delivery;

– Regular promotions and discounts.

It is possible to register on the service not only as a buyer, but also as a seller of goods.

How to create Shopee account to buy or sell products

Creating a buyer’s profile is much easier than a seller’s account. In the first case, all you have to do is enter your phone number and come up with a password. Much more information is required if you want to register as a seller.

To create such an account after entering your phone number and password you need to go to the “Sell” tab. The service will automatically redirect you to creating an appropriate account, where you will need to enter your login, date of birth, gender, email address, pages registered in social networks, and bank details.

Experienced sellers always register several accounts on a resource. This way you can post items from a large number of profiles, which increases the chances of selling them. But to register a new account you will need a new phone number. Not everyone wants to make their number public, so we’ll tell you about a simple, quick and convenient method for registering at Shopee.

Phone numbers for a new Shopee account

The most effective and budget-friendly method of registering multiple accounts is to buy virtual numbers. The price of such a number at  SMS-MAN  starts from 0.22$ , which is ten times less than the cost of a physical SIM card. Virtual number can be used to register at any popular marketplaces, messengers and various services.

  1. Go to the SMS-MAN , sign up and top up your balance. You can add only 1$ for the first time. It’s much cheaper than ask your relatives or friends to give you their phone
  2. Choose the country at the main page and SHOPEE SERVICE

  3. After that you will have your own personal number for Shopee. Use it to sign up at the service.

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