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How to Register a TEMU Account without a Phone Number

How to Register a TEMU Account without a Phone Number

What is TEMU? TEMU is a Chinese marketplace with countless product categories offered by Chinese and global brands. Individual sellers operate on TEMU, but most listings are placed by companies and brands. TEMU offers a vast variety of goods from clothes to accessories to trinkets, etc.

It’s a valuable app with countless cheap products of all sorts. It’s available in many Western countries, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The registration process is fast, but users must submit a phone number to complete the procedure.

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TEMU Benefits and Features

What is TEMU feature-wise? TEMU is an uncomplicated marketplace with low prices and a huge diversity of goods. The shipping isn’t worldwide, but it’s available in many Western countries. The wares are mostly Chinese, but foreign brands are also on sale.

TEMU Benefits and Features

TEMU has several key benefits:

  • Extreme affordability.
  • High quality from trusted brands.
  • Insane diversity of goods.
  • Abundance of sorting options.
  • Simple layout.

Note: the user experience is aimed at mobile users. The web version is available for PC users, but shopping is smoother on the phone. The process to create a TEMU account is simple, but that’s a whole other topic. It is a Chinese app, though, which brings certain security complications.

The app is secure, and the parcels come on time. The company has a 90-day free return policy (under specific provisions), plenty of special offers, and generally fast shipping. The latter depends on your location, the delivery provider, and the composition of your package.

TEMU Registration

What is TEMU registration process like? It’s fast, takes under a minute. To register on PC, click the ‘orders & account’ button at the top right corner. On mobile, choose the ‘you’ option at the bottom, click ‘settings’, and locate the ‘register’ button at the top. Afterward, start submitting data.

The data required is either email or phone number. The former is usually preferable, but it’s possible to not share a personal mobile number, avoiding the need to share an email and sensitive phone data. It is a Chinese app, so there is a high chance of data mismanagement or theft.

As a seller, you don’t have to submit more data. Creating a verified account necessary to place listings, however, requires additional personal data. It’s possible to start shopping with just a phone number and password, though. It’s possible to create a TEMU account without a number, but sharing a fake virtual number is preferable.

The virtual numbers are perfect for fake registrations. They are hollow numbers sold online in droves. Tying new accounts to a virtual number is the way to go now. It’s much cheaper than buying a new SIM card, and just as effective. Consider purchasing a virtual number if you value security and privacy.

Buy a Virtual Number for TEMU

What is TEMU like with virtual numbers? Virtual numbers are a piece of cloud technology, identical to regular phone numbers but unconnected to any hardware, such as SIM cards. They are fully digital and available only for a petty sum. They are disposable, easy to buy and manage.

Virtual numbers focus on receiving messages, the calling functionality is limited or non-existent. SMS-man, a major provider of such services, offers SMS reception capabilities at extremely cheap prices. You can rent a number for a maximum duration of 4 months or purchase a single virtual SMS to create an account fast.

The virtual messages are even cheaper, sold at <1$ per message. The results aren’t any worse compared to rented numbers or regular phone numbers.

Virtual phone number for TEMU

To purchase a message/phone number for TEMU, follow these instructions:

  1. Register on or join using a Google+ account.
  2. Find the ‘top up’ feature on the screen, deposit money through it.
  3. Select the service and country and click ‘buy SMS’ near the necessary service.
  4. Add the number to your profile, copy it.
  5. Use the number to register on TEMU.
  6. Return to your profile and click ‘receive SMS’.
  7. Use the obtained TEMU code to complete the process.

The use of virtual numbers is untraceable and unpunishable. The only concern is that the account will become invalid after you log out. Fortunately, you can purchase another number and register a new account – no important progress will be lost. It’s a small price to pay for a completely anonymous account on an excellent marketplace.

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