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Can I Create WebMoney Account without a Phone Number?

Create WebMoney Account without a Phone Number

What is WebMoney? It’s Russian software, specializing in multi-currency money transfers and payments. You can store funds in this digital wallet, and link it to your bank card/account. Created in 1998, it’s been predominately used in Eastern Europe. Its structure is unlike regular e-wallets.

They let users purchase “WM units” that they can turn into national currencies, allowing WebMoney account holders to avoid excessive banking regulations, and bringing certain pros and features. In this piece, we’re looking at its features and learning how to use it without phone number confirmation.

What is WebMoney Feature-wise?

It is a fast and efficient payment method that uses advanced encryption and technologies to ensure customer protection. To deal with WM units, it doesn’t rely on traditional funds processing systems in favor of third-party guarantors, which makes WebMoney account carriers worried.

What is WebMoney Feature-wise?

This approach has its features, like:

  • No chargeback, monthly and early termination fees, or PCI compliance commissions. The system charges a 1% fee for a deposit; sending units costs 0.8% for the operation, but no less than X amount of WM units (the X varies by currency).
  • It approves Bitcoin, Dollars, Euros, Russian/Belorussian rubles, stock gold, Vietnamese dong. For example, gold is WMG, euro is WME, etc. 
  • Smooth navigation with its friendly interface is another reason to sign up for WebMoney.
  • The software is accessible on IOS/Android or as a website.
  • Transfer cash to your bank cards/accounts, Visa/MasterCard, Bitcoin, or other methods, 

It has 24/7 customer support and runs its wiki center, which increases the software’s usability and answers FAQs. It seems to have reliable protection, given that each currency has a company guarantor that protects operations.

Why Webmoney is Profitable?

The service’s per-transaction fees vary but are low for each unit, which sets it apart from its competition and gives a reason to create a WebMoney account.

webmoney kiwi yandexmoney

It may be a cost-effective alternative to apps like Qiwi, but you must know several underwater rocks:

  • Buying, sending, and cashing the units out can be adventurous, though they’ve written guides on each one.
  • WM operations are not manually undoable, and there’s a limited time frame to set up legal action in case you got scammed and didn’t file terms of payment, meaning fraudsters can take advantage of WebMoney account owners and disappear.
  • Despite being available 24/7, its support service may be slow and useless when helping users deal with fraudsters.

It offers low commissions but sets users in danger of money loss. It’s unclear how the guarantors use it given that most users are not aware of these firms. Entrusting processing operations to third parties certainly makes them worried.

There haven’t been confirmed data leaks or lawsuits, but the app has 3.4 stars on Google Play, which answers “What is WebMoney feature-wise” and “Is it worth it?”. If still interested, consider visiting the app and registering. It requires a phone number to register; below is why.

Registration Process in WebMoney

To use all the features of Webmoney you need to register. The registration process includes several verification stages, one of which is confirmation of your phone number by SMS.

webmoney registration

In general, you should perform the following actions:

  • Selfie Confirmation.
  • Phone number verification.
  • Checking if there’re existing accounts.
  • Password Setting.
  • Accepting the TOS to sign up for WebMoney.

You can verify your account with formal passport details to receive higher financial limits, withdrawal options, and access to the system services.

They need selfies to facilitate the account recovery process in case of lost access. The phone helps restore access, find user ID and secure transactions with SMS verification. This is understandable given that the company deals with a lot of money, but some users don’t agree to share their data and look for workarounds.

A potential option is to buy verified WebMoney account, but if they trace mismatching, they’ll ban you. A safer one is to replace your phone number with a virtual number. It is a piece of cloud-based technology, unconnected to any SIM, device, or software.

How to create WebMoney Account without a Phone Number?

They make and receive calls regularly, so you can maintain web protection without losing comfort. You can unnoticeably use them to sign up for WebMoney. Sadly, these numbers don’t last forever; fortunately, their price is minuscule, and you can rent or buy them from various providers.

SMS-Man can offer this product to rent or purchase. We have numerous active numbers that accept national digits of 190+ countries and are valid for 1000+ apps. The first means you rent a number for up to 4 months (perfect for daily usage); ‘purchase’ means you buy a single-shot number to receive a confirmation SMS to register.

virtual phone number for webmoney

The second option can help make WebMoney account without phone number. Here’s a guide:

  1. Open and log in using your email or social networks.
  2. Make a deposit on the “Top up my balance” page from the left side of the menu.
  3. Select your country and “WebMoney” service, then click “Buy SMS”.
  4. Copy your phone number from the “History” section.
  5. Use it when registering and wait for the verification code.
  6. Go back to your profile and click “receive SMS” to see the code.
  7. After that, complete your registration using the code.

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