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How to Create Multiple eBay Accounts?

How to Create Multiple eBay Accounts?

eBay is an internet auction and marketplace website letting visitors search & purchase items or sell their own. Launched in 1995, it’s a globally supported shopping service with 138 million active users. Its functionality is broad, but using eBay requires an authorized account. A vast selection of eBay goods includes electronics, home appliances, clothing, accessories, groceries, meds, etc. Its operations span the world, making it powerful for buyers and sellers.

Overview of eBay Features

What is eBay in terms of competitiveness? It’s a huge e-commerce website, competing with giants like Amazon and Aliexpress. It grows and implements new features that make it stand out. A lot of nuances deploy in its functions, filtering, and design.

Overview of eBay Features

Here’s what makes eBay beneficial:

  • Internet auction platform.
  • Marketplace with a diverse catalog of goods.
  • Large audience for sellers.
  • Various product categories/filters.
  • Comfortable user interface.
  • Mobile and web versions.

So, what is eBay benefit-wise? For merchants, it helps start a small business to sell diverse goods on the bay, and the internet auction, where buyers try to overbid each other, is perfect if a seller isn’t sure about the fair price, but can set a starting price. The buyers can find anything here with its intuitive interface, diverse categories, and filters by product-related settings.

Guide on eBay Registration

What is eBay rationale for signups? Authorized users can purchase and sell products & get a full shopping experience. After the registration, you can follow your shipments, DM users, save products you liked, and store up to 300 goods you want to purchase in the watch list. Guests can acquire products that cost <$5,000 and are available via the “Buy it Now” option.

An eBay account brings access to discussion boards and lets you save your payment methods for future orders. The account is quite beneficial, and we recommended registering.

ebay registration

What is eBay registration for buyers like? Lets see:

  1. Tap on “Create Account”.
  2. Specify your username and email information.
  3. Set up a password.
  4. After you set up an account, they’ll ask you to specify a number.

To become an individual seller, you must confirm your identity by providing your full name, birth date, and social security number. Also, the service supports business accounts for corporate clients. But can you have multiple eBay accounts?

Yes, you can. Third-party emails, passwords, usernames, and numbers can help you do it, but they don’t let you use several accounts for anything about listings, like bidding on what you’ve published from another account. Many benefits may influence users to have more accounts: contact sellers from different accounts; multiple eBay accounts for selling diverse item categories; or separate accounts for different activities.

Users seek various services that generate this registration data to create numerous eBay accounts. Additionally, they may want to provide as little of their private information as possible, so it’s definitely useful for them. But how can you bypass eBay phone verification without spare SIMs? The potential options may be eSIM cards or virtual phone numbers, whereas the latter is the best fit. The next block explains why.

Why the Virtual Phone Number for Ebay?

They work like traditional ones, but apart from any device or software; they can be used to sign up in multiple apps. They’re 100% legal, and even if they wouldn’t, the tracking is impossible, and nobody can know if you use them. They can accept any national digits, and be used anywhere.

We can offer these to lease for up to 4 months or buy a number with a confirmation SMS received on it. The second option is better if you just confirm a virtual phone number for eBay for once.

virtual phone number for ebay registration

Here’s how to open eBay account without a phone number:

  1. Go to, then register or log in to your account.
  2. Add money to your balance on the ” Top up balance” page.
  3. Click “Buy SMS” in the menu on the left to open the order page.
  4. Select one of the suggested countries and “eBay” service, then click the buy button.
  5. Find the number in the “History” section and copy it.
  6. Enter it during the registration process on eBay and wait for the code to be sent.
  7. Go back to SMS-man to get the confirmation code.
  8. Enter it to complete your registration.

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