How to Register ChatGPT if Your Country is Not Supported?
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How to Register ChatGPT if Your Country is Not Supported?

How to Register ChatGPT if Your Country is Not Supported?

Even if you’ve never tried using a new generation neural network by OpenAI, you might have already thought about it.

After all, it’s interesting to test the tool which has been talked about with varying intensity for more than six months from its launch in November 2022. And also get your own answer to «what is ChatGPT?». But the point is not only the interest, but the need to learn a new software, which apparently has already made sort of a revolution in the field, and will only improve further.

The bad news is that in some countries access to this software is denied — due to sanctions or some other reasons. What are the options then? You can consider a way to bypass these restrictions. For this purpose, you will need two auxiliary elements: a VPN and a virtual phone number of the corresponding country, because registering in ChatGPT without phone number is not possible.

Today, we’ll explore how to use ChatGPT if your country is not supported.


What is ChatGPT?

So, what is ChatGPT? It’s a neurolinguistic model or, in simple words, a neural net that can answer questions and respond to people’s requests with relevant information. So far, you might say, it sounds like a regular search engine, but ChatGPT is different. It’s much cooler… and much more dangerous in the prospect.

During many months of training, «absorbing» and analyzing great volumes of human-produced text, code, and other data the neural net has learned to recognize interconnections between parts of the data, produce its own «content» and edit it. Along with other things, the neural net has «eaten» huge masses of Wikipedia articles, user comments on forums, posts in random blogs on the web, code from GitHub, etc.

What is ChatGPT?

As a result, by summer of 2023, among other things, it can:

  • Write, rewrite and explain: answer questions from various fields of knowledge, write manuals and articles, create reports, compose books and science-fiction stories.
  • Analyze and edit the code, offer alternative options — here the result of the bot’s work also needs to be scrupulously checked.
  • Translate into different languages — which is not innovative though.
  • Make up plans and routes, come up with content plans.
  • Make jokes and sketch ideas, which are sometimes very surprising and even absurd.

Compared to a traditional search engine, ChatGPT is much more flexible since it responds to people’s questions in a more human-ish manner. Today GPT models are also used to create other software products.

How does ChatGPT Work?

What is ChatGPT when it comes to sending commands to the neural net, and how does it work? Just like a regular chatbot, but… different.

The request or command that you send to the neural network is called a «‎prompt». In this prompt, you give introductory information about the task you need to do. The more precise and detailed you formulate the prompt, the more relevant the end result will be.

In addition, when creating a job in ChatGPT, you can upload documents, spreadsheets, and other information for processing and analysis.

Here’s what an example ChatGPT prompt would look like to create a monthly report for your imaginary company:

Make a 2-page monthly report of *** organization analyzing uploaded tables and documents. Use formal language, be precise and brief.

After getting the result, you can always ask the bot to change it in a required manner.

However, despite the fact that the text produced by this neural network partly looks as if it was written by a human, do not get fooled. Remember that ChatGPT cannot think like a human being, just as it cannot understand what it «‎says». Therefore, the result obtained must be checked for compliance with the facts.

Thus, ChatGPT can be a useful assistant in performing a variety of tasks, especially creative ones, but we, humans, still need to edit the result.

ChatGPT without Phone Number — Registration Nuances

Since it is not possible to use ChatGPT without login, registration is required. And to register in the bot, you must provide a phone number.

To utilize ChatGPT in locations where it’s not accessible, you need to resort to a trick and use modern means to achieve anonymity on the Internet. The first is a reliable VPN service — to change the IP address and enter the bot website from another country, and a virtual phone number of the corresponding country.

Note: Since the bot website saves cookies, we recommend that you do not visit it without VPN turned on. Otherwise, it may «remember» you and later not let you sign up even when you connect to a VPN.

chatgpt registration

Why does ChatGPT Need Phone Number?

Like many other modern platforms, OpenAI strives to attract only real people as users. That’s why ChatGPT requires a phone number. 

To register in the system, apply the phone number to receive a confirmation code. In this case, services with toll-free numbers will not work since they are already registered in the system, or the activation code simply will not come to them. Therefore, you will have to buy an anonymous virtual phone number for ChatGPT. Gladly, buying it at SMS-MAN will cost you no more than 26 cents (at the time of writing).

virtual phone number for chatgpt

How to Register for ChatGPT Using a Virtual Phone Number?

Connect to a VPN and go to Click the «Sign up» button and follow the guidelines to get the anonymous virtual phone number for ChatGPT registration.

  1. Without closing the ChatGPT registration tab, open another tab or window to sign up for using an email or via social network.
  2. Fund your account balance with your VISA bank card or other available methods.
  3. Enter the top «‎Receive SMS» tab in the side menu on the left. First choose the mobile operator — remember what country you are connecting to via VPN. After that, search for OpenAI/ChatGPT when selecting the service. Click the «Buy SMS» button near the service icon.
  4. Scroll down to «‎History» to copy the received phone number.
  5. Apply it when signing up for ChatGPT (do not close the tab) and get back to the sms-man tab.
  6. Click the “Receive SMS” button next to the applied phone number and wait until the platform receives a confirmation code.
  7. Use it to confirm your ChatGPT account.

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