How to restore Yandex email password without phone
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How to recover Yandex account without phone number: detailed instructions

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It offers a huge number of services that are part of the “ecosystem” and perform various tasks. The total number of active users is several tens of millions of people. It is a popular service for exchanging emails. Let’s consider ways how to do it. Overall, there are several options for accomplishing this task.

Recovery is not always possible. In this case, you should think about creating a new profile. The main problem is the need to use a mobile number for registration. Here you can advise the specialized service “SMS-Man“. Here virtual numbers are available for registration on Yandex Mail from 7 cents. Their purchase is carried out in a few clicks, messages with a confirmation code come almost instantly.

How to restore Yandex email - create a new one with a virtual number

How to recover Yandex account using an additional email?

The service offers several options to regain access. Using a phone number is the most common approach. If it is not linked to an account or is not available, then there are alternative solutions.

1. Firstly go to the access recovery page. Clicking on the link “I forgot my login” is only worthwhile if you have a Yandex ID. Otherwise, the system will prompt you to enter the phone number.

Recover Yandex account via the restoration form

2. Then choose a way to recover your Yandex Mail password without a phone. Accordingly, we select the item “Additional email”.

3. The last step is to open the page where you need to enter additional mail. This is the email address that was assigned in the settings. A recovery code is sent to it.

How to recover Yandex password without number using an additional email

Unfortunately, not all of them specify backup mail in the settings. This causes additional complications, the solution of which will be discussed in the next section.

How to recover Yandex profile with secret question?

After entering your login or email, you will be prompted not only to send a confirmation code. You can use the option to enter the answer to the security question. It is indicated during registration or with additional account settings. This is a convenient way to restore Yandex Disk without a phone (valid for all services of this ecosystem).

A window with the following content is displayed.

How to recover Yandex account without phone number via a secret question

After the correct answer, you will be prompted to enter a new password. The last option remains, which we will consider further.

How to recover Yandex email without phone number via help desk?

In this case, you need to contact the technical support service. The easiest way to do this is through the recovery form that was discussed earlier. You need to click the “Can’t restore” Button. We will be carried over to the next page.

How to recover Yandex account without phone - turn to the support team

We will be given a form to contact technical support. You must fill in all the items and click the next button.

How to restore Yandex email - contact the support team

As a result, within a few working days, employees will process the questionnaire and contact the user.

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