How can anyone who is using BlaBlaCar contact its customer service
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How can anyone who is using BlaBlaCar contact its customer service

blablacar customer service

It is one of the most popular services for interaction between fellow travelers and drivers. A fellow traveler here can find the necessary route for a comfortable trip by car, and the driver can save a little on travel by picking up passengers along the way. This interaction suits both parties perfectly.

For various reasons, users of the popular service are looking for it. The reason may be unblocking an account, a complaint about a driver or passenger, questions about the site, and much more. Let’s take a closer look at how can anyone who is using BlaBlaCar contact its customer service to solve his problem.

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How to contact BlaBlacar support chat through the website?

You can do this through the website. In the basement of the site (at the very bottom of the resource) there is a special section “Contact us”.

There are three types of questions:

  • Trips with fellow travelers (if you are a driver);
  • Trips with fellow travelers (if you are a passenger);
  • Travel by bus.

How to contact BlaBlacar support chat on the site?

You need to go to the section corresponding to you. Each of them already has answers to the most common questions, and if you have not found the answer you need, then you can write to the administration.

Let’s take an example of how to contact support if the driver’s account is blocked. For this:

1. We go to the above-mentioned section at the bottom of the site “Contact us”.

Open the BlaBlacar client service tab

2.  Select the item “Driving a carpool”.

Choose the BlaBlaCar customer service for drivers

3. Find the question “Why is my account blocked” and press the button “Details”. Or, if you cannot see it, use the search bar.

Find the necessary article on the online BlaBlacar client service

4. The next window provides a list of reasons why the account could be blocked. Below there is an inscription “Contact us” – click on it.

If there is not enough information on the issue on the website, contact the BlaBlacar client service

5.  We are transferred to the form through which we ask any question to the administration, even not necessarily related to blocking.

Submit a request to the BlaBlaCar contact support team

The answer will come to one of the contacts indicated in the form. Most often, the administration answers by email.

BlaBlaCar customer service hotline

If you are interested in contacting BlaBlaCar customer service through the phone call, then you should know that it is not possible. When the administration needs to urgently contact the user to resolve the issue, they call back on their own. This is due to the huge number of requests from users, which are physically difficult to solve over the phone.

The only way to contact the administration is to write a letter through the site, as described above. In any case, the service staff respond very quickly, so it doesn’t take much time to resolve the issue.

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