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Bolt registration with virtual number

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What is Bolt and how to bypass Bolt registration?

The “Bolt” cab ordering service is becoming increasingly popular around the world. It is already available in most countries. This company is actively growing in the field of passenger transportation, as well as in many others. Let’s take a closer look at how to use this service, what services it can offer, what features it has and how you can bypass bolt registration.

How does Bolt work?

Bolt is an international transportation company operating in many cities in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. The company itself was founded not so long ago – in 2013. In the meantime, it has managed to survive in an aggressive market and is currently in high demand. Bolt’s main office is located in the Estonian capital. The company’s services also include courier delivery and electric scooter rentals.

The company’s progenitors are Estonian and Finnish businessmen. Subsequently, investors showed interest in the service and began to invest in the company’s development. One of the distinctive features of the company is its focus on the green energy sector development and reduction of harmful ecological impact on the environment.

Bolt Features

What are the advantages of this service? First of all, it is a fast car delivery within minutes in any town. Optimal prices, at the intersection of the interests of a driver and a passenger. Convenience of the service – you can call a cab both from the browser and from the application. The company’s “green” orientation. Cashless payment, corporate programs, the system of evaluation of passengers and drivers – all this makes the use of the service convenient and pleasant.

Bolt registration

You may create Bolt account through many ways because the service is accessible through a web browser at this address. The service’s apps are available for download from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

For security and anonymity reasons, the account will be registered to a fake virtual phone number. To buy such a number we will use the virtual number rental service SMS-Man. This service is very easy to use, and the cost of buying one SMS with an activation code is less than one dollar.

How to get a Bolt verification code with virtual number?

Follow my instructions and you can bypass bolt registration even without a bolt phone number.

  1. Find Bolt on the AppStore and download it.bolt service
  2. Launch the application. The service will ask you to sign in using your phone number.Bolt verification
  3. To pass bolt verification I will use a virtual phone number. This number can be purchased from sms-man. It will cost you less than a dollar to buy a phone number to get one text message with a bolt verification code. Go to the main page of sms-man. Sms-man main page
  4. Don’t forget to register your account and top up your account for the minimum amount possible. Since I already have an account with some balance, I’ll move on to buying a number.
  5. Let’s choose the country phone number we want to buy. Then select the service – Bolt and click on “Buy”.Sms-man virtual number
  6. Purchased phone number will be displayed in the header of the site.
  7. bolt phone number
  8. Enter this number in the app. Bolt verification code will be sent to this phone number.bolt verification code
  9. Now all that’s left is to wait for the sms with the confirmation code. After a few tens of seconds, click on the “Get sms” button next to your phone number on the sms-man website Enter the received four digits in yours. Next, you will need to bring one of the services (Google, Apple or Facebook) or e-mail to your phone number.bolt registration
  10. Once you have completed this step, you will have full access to all of the app’s features.bolt app

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