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Parimatch: registration without a phone number

Parimatch registration

In recent years betting has become a popular pastime for millions of people around the globe. Some of them prefer to bet only on their favorite athletes or teams a few times a month while others take it more seriously and do it professionally on a much more regular basis. There are also a lot of sports betting companies to choose from nowadays. Each of them has its own advantages and provides different promotional offers to attract more users. But most often they require verifying a personal mobile number during account creation which can be a real issue for some people. Facing the same problem when dealing with the Parimatch registration process? Find out how to complete it without a number for whatever purpose.

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Parimatch sign up without a phone number

The possibility of doing this is of interest to many users that want to sign up for this online service. However, unfortunately, there is no chance to perform this action with no number at all. Parimatch verification with a phone number is a necessary step to complete since it is about creating a profile on a licensed platform for sports betting. Due to law regulations, they have to both check and confirm the identity of each customer. You do not have to use your own number though.

If it is disabled or cannot be used for some other reason, there are always available disposable numbers. They work for Parimatch registration in literally all countries and do not require going anywhere when it comes to obtaining them. Moreover, disposable numbers are quite cheap. For example, such a number from Germany costs only $0.60. But the most important part of this is that it takes a few minutes to get and activate it.

Where to get a disposable number for Parimatch account verification?

Obtaining and operating disposable phone numbers is possible through appropriate online platforms like SMS-Man. They work online and automatically so can be used at any time of the day. This is how to get the disposable number that is set up for Parimatch verification via SMS:

1. Create a profile at

2. Refill the balance with a suitable method from the payment section.

3. Select the required country of the disposable phone number operator from the start page of the service.

4. On the same page choose Parimatch.

5. Purchase a disposable number by hitting the button marked on the screenshot.

The purchased number will immediately appear at both top of the homepage and your personal profile on the platform. Just copy it and proceed to its activation which goes even easier.

How to complete Parimatch registration with a disposable phone number?

Performing this task is simple. You can do it with either the web version or the mobile application of Parimatch. There is no difference because disposable numbers work under any circumstances. So, in order to use it for verification, it is necessary:

1. Open the Parimatch create account form through the browser or mobile application.

2. Enter bought disposable phone number along with the email address and password, accept the terms of use, and proceed to the next step.

3. Tap on the “Get SMS” button at SMS-Man.

4. Copy appeared verification code.

5. Put it on the profile creation window.

Parimatch registration is done. You can now use created account to place bets or use other features of one of the most popular and reliable sports betting companies on the internet.

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